Dang Gui in Glass Jar 3.2 oz

Dang Gui in Glass Jar 3.2 oz

  • Dang Gui, also known as Angelica sinensis roots, is one of the most famous herbs in the world
  • Blood tonic
  • Especially beloved by women
  • Promotes healthy blood circulation, and supports digestive, immunological and respiratory functions
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Product Description

Dang Gui is well known as “Women’s Ginseng.” Though it is NOT Ginseng, it is one of the most famous and widely used herbs in the world, especially favored by women for its blood tonic and circulation enhancing actions, and for its traditional capacity to help regulate menstrual, menopausal and post-menopausal women’s functions. It is considered to be an ultimate “balancing” or “regulating” herb. Good quality Dang Gui has an unmistakably distinctive aroma and flavor that many women just love, as it resonates chemically with most women. Dragon Herbs' Dang Gui is superior quality Dang Gui from Gansu province of China, the preferred Di Tao source of the best Dang Gui in Asia. EVERY WOMAN should consume these everyday. Dang Gui is also known as Tang Kuei, Dong Quai, Tang Kwei, or Chinese Angelica Root.

Directions: Add the amount of botanicals per a recipe, as desired, or as directed by a health practitioner. The proper way of extracting botanicals depends on parts used. Flowers, fruits and leaves can usually be steeped or decocted (boiling over fire) while stems, barks and roots typically require decocting.

In a Desktop Botanical Garden™ Glass Tea & Elixir Maker, add 1 part botanical(s) and 5-8 parts water, steep or decoct for 5-20 minutes. You can boil water directly in the Elixir Maker. Repeat this process for 2nd or 3rd extraction until all active constituents have been extracted.

Ingredients: Dang Gui root

Sold by unit. Fill volume 6.8 fl. oz./0.83 cup/200 ml. Fill weight 3.2 oz./92 grams +/- 10%.
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  1. "The price is high, but this amount lasts a long time. A little bit in boiling water with longan is a really good blood tonic, tasty too. "

    Megan, Worth the price

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