Red Jujube Dates with Pits in Glass Jar 2.3 oz

Red Jujube Dates with Pits in Glass Jar 2.3 oz

  • Consume consistently for glowing health
  • Calms the mind and energizes the body
  • Nourishes the blood
  • Builds and strengthens muscle
  • A part of the Chinese Shaolin monk’s daily diet
  • Combine with other herbs to build Qi*

B This botanical can be used as the base in a tea

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The Red Jujube Date, also known simply as Jujube (pronounced ju-ju-bee), is the dried ripe fruit of the Chinese Jujube tree (Zizyphus jujuba). Jujube dates can be used in teas, soups, smoothies, cooked dishes, or may be consumed raw straight from the package as a snack and tonic supplement. It is an excellent superfruit that fosters glowing health when consumed consistently. The Jujube Date is a powerful Qi tonic and provides excellent energy. This major tonic fruit is widely used in Chinese herbalism in combination with other herbs, such as Ginseng and/or Astragalus, to enhance their Qi-building capacity. Red Jujube date nourishes the blood, soothes the mind, and builds and strengthens muscle. Jujube is considered a mild Shen tonic because it calms the mind — without causing drowsiness — while increasing physical energy. Red Jujube dates are consumed daily by Chinese Shaolin monks. Dragon Herbs has carefully selected these premium red Jujube dates, sourced from the pristine Song Mountains near the Shaolin Temple in the Chinese heartland.

Flavor: Subtly rich and softly sweet with a bland mild fruitiness that spreads evenly over the palette and pleasantly lingers

Directions: Remove pits off the Jujube Dates before brewing. Add the amount of botanicals per a recipe, as desired, or as directed by a health practitioner. The proper way of extracting botanicals depends on parts used. Flowers, fruits and leaves can usually be steeped or decocted (boiling over fire) while stems, barks and roots typically require decocting.

In a Desktop Botanical Garden™ Glass Tea & Elixir Maker, add 1 part botanical(s) and 5-8 parts water, steep or decoct for 5-20 minutes. You can boil water directly in the Elixir Maker. Repeat this process for 2nd or 3rd extraction until all active constituents have been extracted.

Ingredient: Dried Red Jujube Dates (Zizyphus jujuba)









Sold by unit. Fill volume 6.8 fl. oz./0.83 cup/200 ml. Fill weight 2.3 oz./ 66grams +/- 10%.
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Natural flavor
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Important: remove pits off the Jujube Dates before brewing. The brewing will take much longer time, otherwise.

Borosilicate Glassware


Lab Grade Borosilicate Glassware

  • No microplastics or harmful substances leached into content.
  • High thermal resistance, from -4 ºF to 302 ºF.
  • Non-reactive, can withstand high acidity and high alkalinity without deterioration. Can be used to safely store ALL food.
  • Non-porous, will not absorb colors, odors, or flavors. Will not stain.
  • Stain and scratch resistant.
  • Smooth edges and surfaces, easy to clean.
  • Reusable and long-lasting. Will never warp.
  • Helps reduce plastic pollution.
  • Excellent optical clarity.




  • The lid is made of high quality bamboo wood, with BPA-free silicone ring seal. Remove the lid before heating in the microwave or steamer. You may cover the glassware with a paper towel (for microwave) to prevent splatters.
  • Avoid sudden drastic temperature changes.
  • Do not subject the glassware to direct heat sources such as on the stovetop, under the broiler, or on a grill.
  • Do not heat empty or almost empty glassware in the microwave.
  • Do not let hot glassware get in contact with wet or cool surfaces, or cold glassware with hot surfaces. Place it on a dry cloth, a potholder, a wooden stand, or a cooling rack.
  • Allow the glassware to come to room temperature before placing it in the microwave, refrigerator, freezer or water.
  • Do not use browning wrappers or bags that concentrate heat in certain areas in the microwave. This can cause uneven heating and possibly breakage.
  • When placing the glassware in the freezer, if it contains liquid, leave some room for the liquid to expand during freezing.

Care and Cleaning

  • Handle with care to avoid chipping, cracking or severe scratching.
  • DO NOT drop or hit the glassware against a hard surface or object. DO NOT strike it with a hard utensil.
  • For tough stains, soak the glassware in warm soapy water for a while, then scrub it using non-abrasive scouring pads such as plastic or nylon.
  • The glassware is dishwasher safe with the lid removed. Please handwash the lid.
  • Stack the glassware with the lids on.
  • Intended for normal household uses only.
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  1. "Delicious dates, fresh and juicy, wonderful for snacking and making tea in a practical, glass container. Looks good, tastes better, works well. Does give energy and helps sleep to come easier, sometimes I eat one if I wake up in the middle of the night with difficulty falling back to sleep. This alongside reishi helps a lot, with falling asleep. Recommended. "

    Megan, Delicious, with practical storage

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