Tea Canister - Yellow

Tea Canister - Yellow

  • Chic canister to hold loose bulk tea or tea bags
  • Ceramic keeps tea from degradation or damage
  • Rubber ring seal protects tea from sun light, moisture, oxidation and peculiar smells
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Product Description

Dragon Herbs offers three chic canisters to hold your loose bulk tea or tea bags. These are a staple in Chinese homes for storing tea while adding a sense of style. These canisters are ceramic. As a result, they will not react with the tea inside. Some metal materials such as aluminum will react chemically with the tea leaves and degrade or damage the tea quality. These well-sealed canisters protect the delicate tea leaves from sun light, moisture, oxidation and peculiar smells. The Fuchsia and Yellow Tea Canisters come with a rubber ring around the lid to further seal in freshness.-9

20 oz. (590ml)
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