Ice Crackle Tea Cups, Set of 6 colors

Ice Crackle Tea Cups, Set of 6 colors

  • Beautiful “ice crackle” tea cups
  • Perfect for serving and sharing tea
  • Ceramic material maintains quality of the tea inside
  • Colors vary so never get your drinks confused
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Product Description

Set of 6 colors

Ice crackle cups are the best ceramics ever produced by the Imperial Kiln of Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279). A special technique is used to create the beautiful layered crackles that give the pattern a 3–dimensional illusion. Multi–layer crackles are significantly more difficult to produce than single layer crackles with much higher production loss. They are therefore more rare and are highly sought after by the tea connoisseurs.

These beautiful 6 color tea cup set is perfect for gatherings, for sharing an exquisite cup of tea, or for serving a unique tonic elixir. The modern Zen styling and elegance will catch the attention of your guests.  Friends and family can share the same pot of tea or coffee while each person (up to 6) can have fun claiming a color for their cup to avoid any mix–up.

The thicker walls of these cups protect the hands against burning. Colors may vary.

Tea Cups 1 oz. (30ml) each, 6 tea cups
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