Wild Black Goji, 100g

Wild Black Goji, 100g

  • A rare treasure of the Himalayas
  • A special and highly prized variety of wild Goji berry
  • The berries are nearly black (extremely dark purple)
  • Potent range of anthocyanins, powerful antioxidant phytochemicals
  • Can be made into an astounding purple or blue tea
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Product Description

Black Goji (Lycium ruthenicum) Berry is wild fruit that grows in Tibet and Himalayan China. It is related to the red Goji (Lycium barbarum) Berry that all tonic herbalists know, but is not the same plant. Nevertheless, it shares many of the same benefits, though arguably more powerfully. The wild fruit yields an extraordinary tea unlike anything we know of. If a small handful (perhaps 30 berries, but who really counts) is put into hot water of a neutral pH, the tea produced becomes a vivid purple in just a couple of minutes revealing a potent range of anthocyanins, powerful antioxidant phytochemicals. If the 30 berries are put into alkaline water as one would naturally find in mountains (or obtain from an alkaline water filter), the tea becomes an extraordinarily intense blue. If poured into a cup at this stage (separated from the berries), the tea will remain blue. If it is allowed to steep or brew it will go through several color stages until it finally reaches the purple stage. Allowed to brew for an hour, the tea becomes almost black.

Ingredients: Wild Tibetan Black Goji berries

Who can use it?
3.5 oz. (100g)
Steep 1 tablespoon in hot water or use with your DBG.
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