A message to our Dragon Herbs VIPs from Ron Teeguarden



Yanlin and I are going to Asia next week to oversee the purchase of the wild herbs that have been harvested and collected in the mountains of Asia this spring and summer. This includes special items like wild Bhutanese and Tibetan Cordyceps, wild Tibetan Snow Lotus, wild Mongolian Long Stalk Cistanche, wild Wu Yi Red Mushrooms, wild Purple Reishi, wild Red Reishi, wild Schizandra, wild Tibetan Black Goji, wild Red Asparagus root, Deer Antler tips, and so on.

My favorite and most important project, as always for my August excursion to Asia, is selecting the wild Ginseng that will be used in the coming fall’s Heaven DropsEarth Drops and TaiJi Drops (if there is any this year, as TaiJi requires roots that were over 100 years old when collected in the mountains of Manchuria and the Catskill Mountains).

I have decided (with Yanlin gently and lovingly twisting my arm) to release some of my personal reserve of recent batches to make room for my new creations. So here is what I am willing (pleased) to offer right now for one week to our VIPs:

Heaven Drops

Earth Drops

TaiJi Drops

These are the finest wild Ginseng products in the world. All 3 are made from 100% wild Ginseng roots. All are blends of wild Chinese Ginseng roots collected on Changbai Mountain, and wild American Ginseng roots collected in the Catskill Mountains. Each and every root was personally selected and purchased by me. Every root is at least 20 years old in the wild – most are 25 years old or older. Every one of these contains wild Ginseng roots that grew in ancient forests for 50, 60 or 70 years before being found. The average age of the roots in Earth Drops is around 35 years. The average age of the roots in Heaven Drops is around 40 years. The average age of the roots in TaiJi Drops is over 55 years (and rich in the genetics of 100+ year old roots).

The TaiJi products in this collection contain beyond-extraordinary wild Ginseng roots that had lived for more than 100 years. In fact, TaiJi contains about 200 Ginseng roots that were over 100 years old. These extraordinary Ginseng roots are actually priceless and came our way serendipitously (either by luck or good karma, hard to tell which). Just one above-100-year-old wild Ginseng root alone can cost more than US$10,000, if it can be found. It is highly unlikely there will ever be another batch of TaiJi that contains so many 100-year-old wild Ginseng roots.

Furthermore, wild Ginseng demand has grown radically in the past five years as many new customers have emerged in China, Korea, the Middle East and America, driving the price up and reducing available supply. Prices WILL be higher this coming fall for the new batches of wild Ginseng extracts, so these prices are going to look very good in a rear view mirror. These “vintage” wild Ginseng “Drops” have matured and are now sublime beyond measure.

I must withdraw these offerings on August 23, the day before we leave for Asia because I release and distribute each bottle personally. I know these seem like relatively expensive products, and this is an unusual offering. But these are elixirs of the highest order. Every wild Ginseng root used to make these four elixirs contains hundreds of different ginsenosides that enhance life force and support extreme adaptability. And every one of the wild Ginseng roots had achieved genetic immortality – the “death gene domain” had turned off and the plants had attained eternal life – except for those that are found and eaten by bears and deer or discovered and collected by humans. This epigenetic manifestation in wild Ginseng roots that are older than thirteen-years-old is believed, by knowledgeable Ginseng connoisseurs, to be transferable to those who consume them, providing protection in the aging domain. That is why wild Ginseng was considered to be a holy herb to Taoist masters and emperors alike. Wild Ginseng is the herb of genius and longevity, and this is the best wild Ginseng in the world, perhaps in history - when else could someone consume a super concentrated Wild Ginseng Elixir with over two hundred 100-year-old roots?

I was planning on keeping these bottles for the rest of my days, but Yanlin says I have to share if I want to make new batches this year and next….so here we are!

Blessings from Ron

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