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Organic Ginseng Gone Wild -- 1 oz

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Organic Ginseng Gone Wild

Ginseng is known as the King of Herbs. And wild Ginseng is among the rarest and most powerful herbs on earth. Dragon Herbs has been making wild Ginseng extracts in limited runs for over twenty years. And we have been producing the world’s finest cultivated Ginseng products for over twenty five years. We have always been scrupulous in our selection of Ginseng for our products. Organic Ginseng Gone Wild is a unique blend of these great Ginsengs. Organic Ginseng Gone Wild is composed of 12.5% ginseng that are 35-70 years old. The rest are organic cultivated ginseng roots, all at least 6 years old.

Wild Ginseng

Wild Ginseng, being wild, is beyond organic. It is collected only on the west side of Changbai Mountain, a huge active volcano in Manchuria that is so remote that it is protected as a UNESCO world biosphere. The Ginseng-growing forests are nurtured by the remarkable unique mineral water from the mile–deep caldera at the top of the volcano. Wild Ginseng is prized as one of the ultimate herbal tonic substances in the world. It is a powerful adaptogenic herb that helps protect the nervous and endocrine systems, support stress response, and supports a strong brain. Wild Ginseng is a superb antioxidant that supports healthy inflammatory response. Wild Ginseng is considered to be among the premier Shen tonics — it is calming and centering while promoting strength and a strong mind.

Certified Organic Cultivated Ginseng

Dragon Herbs is an exclusive source of certified organic Manchurian (real) Ginseng. It is very difficult to produce Ginseng organically because it must survive for many years in the alpine beds without any human help besides occasional weeding and humanely chasing away the deer, bears and other wild animals who would like to eat it.

Cultivated Ginseng, even if grown on the slopes of Changbai Mountain, must be monitored and tested very carefully because it grows for many years before being harvested. However, most Ginseng is grown in less advantageous locations for shorter periods of time. Dragon Herbs has been a direct grower and purveyor of fine Ginseng for decades, with dedication to authenticity, purity and potency. Our cultivated Ginseng is grown at nearly two miles elevation in pristine soil without the use of any chemicals ever. Ginseng must grow in the high mountains, in remote wild forest areas. It must have the right kind of soil, the right temperature gradient and the right soil microbes. Changbai Mountain is the only Di Tao source of real Chinese Ginseng.

Cultivated Ginseng must grow for at least six to eight years to reach maturity. Truly mature Ginseng products are very rare in America. The immature Ginseng that is prevalent in most Ginseng products is chemically imbalanced. This is why many people report having trouble with Ginseng. Immature Ginseng contains a disproportionate amount of the yang ginsenosides that can make people “hyper” and tense. Also, these immature roots are often adulterated in an attempt to falsely enhance their potency and flavor profile. Mature Ginseng has a balanced amount of yang and yin ginsenosides, which makes it sublimely balanced, mellow, adaptogenic, immune-modulating, empowering and even enlightening.

Our extraction technology, which involves several rounds of gentle extraction with water and alcohol, preserves all of the active constituents of the wild and cultivated Ginseng. The resulting tincture is mild tasting and very easy to consume.

Organic Ginseng Gone Wild

Wild Ginseng is always a very limited ingredient. It is rare and precious. Organic Ginseng Gone Wild is a Dragon Herbs exclusive. You will not find this product elsewhere. This is a limited production run. So please order your bottle(s) now to avoid disappointment next week.