Bupleurum Root

Botanical Name: Bupleuri Radix

Latin Name: Bupleurum chinense

PinYin: Chai Hu

Bupleurum Root Slices

Bupleurum roots are dried and sliced for extraction.


Bupleurum is a very important herb widely used in Chinese herbalism. Bupleurum is not officially a “tonic” herb. It belongs to a class of herbs known as regulatory herbs. Regulatory herbs help establish balance in the body, but do not directly tonify Jing, Qi or Shen. Bupleurum is the king of regulatory herbs. It is never consumed solo because it can release toxin from the liver, but not itself eliminate it from the body. Bupleurum is always assisted by either Scutellaria root or White Peony root. Then, additional herbs are added to the formula to direct its ultimate function.




Bupleurum root has been used since ancient times to support liver functions and as a spleen and stomach tonic. There are more Bupleurum-based formulations in Chinese herbalism than any other herb. Many people use a Bupleurum-based formula for the first year or two of their herbal practice, then they eliminate these Bupleurum-based formulations from their tonic regimen. Bupleurum is said to be a harmonizing herb that regulates metabolic, hepatic and digestive functions. Like most herbs, there are many grades of Bupleurum root, and the higher grade is more expensive, but well worth it for the extraordinary benefits that can be derived from consuming an appropriate Bupleurum-based formulation. It usually takes a professional herbalist to determine which Bupleurum-based formulation is best for each person. Bupleurum-based formulations may be used along with other formulations, especially tonic formulations that support the Three Treasures.


Bupleurum Leaves And Flowers

Bupelurum is one of the most widely used plants in Chinese herbalism, alwyas used in formulations with Peony root or Scutellaria. it is a Qi- regulating herb.


A number of Dragon Herbs herbal formulations contain Bupleurum root as a major ingredient. Here are some –

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