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Issues and Solutions

By Master Herbalist, Ron Teeguarden

Tonic herbs and superfoods can be used to support optimum health, well-being, happiness, success and longevity. Achieving these big life goals in life is of course a little complex – a combination of science, art, experience, will power, application and wisdom. We believe it makes the process easier if we break the biggest goals into more specific health topics.

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Step up to Superior Herbalism!

Step over to Dragon Herbs’ Dragon Drops

One taste of these extraordinary extracts and you’ll know why Dragon Drops are regarded by thousands of knowledgeable connoisseurs as the most potent line of tonic herb tinctures in the world.
What are Dragon Drops? How to take Dragon Drops?

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How We Source and Produce Our Encapsulated Powders

From Sourcing, Extraction, to Encapsulation

Every Dragon Herbs product is a work of art and science – tempered with love and respect. We spare no effort to produce the finest herbal products in the world.

Each ingredient is very carefully selected. We use only top grade (far above commercial grade) raw materials to make our formulations. Dragon Herbs does NOT use commercial-grade ingredients. All herbs throughout the world come in a wide range of qualities, and the difference between “top quality” and “commercial-grade (low or “acceptable” quality) is stunning. Our dedication to superior raw material quality separates Dragon Herbs from other brands in America.

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Dragon Herbs' World of Teas

A great cup of tea, either herbal or from the tea plant (Camellia sinensis), is a true and exalted treasure of civilized humanity. We offer the greatest teas from Asia and around the world. We have sought out the very best sources and best teas for your (and our) enjoyment and benefit. Most of our teas are grown organically or are products from wild ecospheres. We have teas collected from trees that are hundreds of years old (the ultimate!) and from the highest peaks of the Himalayas. We have teas from deserts and jungles that have nurtured native societies for millennia.



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