Cistanche Stem

Botanical Name: Cistanches Herba

Latin: Cistanche deserticola

PinYin: Rou Cong Rong


Cistanche stem (and sometimes the root) is used to strengthen the Yang energy and is famous in Asia as a sexual tonic that has long been used by Chinese royalty. It is not hormonal. It has been used since ancient times by Qi Gong practitioners. Cistanche builds deep strength and is quite vitalizing when used continuously for a period of time. It also promotes healthy colon function. 


      Emerging Cistanche And Ron With Cistanche

Left: Cistanche emerges through the desert surface.

Right: Ron holds Tibetan Return to Youth Herb, the Tibetan relative of Mongolian Cistanche


Cistanche is mainly collected in Mongolia and in the high deserts at the base of Heaven Mountain in Central Asia. This was the daily and primary tonic herb of Genghis Khan, the man who conquered most of the known world and is known to have millions of progeny. Cistanche stem comes in a wide range of qualities. Ron Teeguarden personally oversees the purchasing of the Cistanche from Central Asia. Most Cistanche is just the “stem,” but the very best Cistanche from a Jing tonic point of view includes the root. The root has the same properties as the stem, but stronger.


Ron With Chunky Cistanche    

Ron holds a pair of very chunky Cistanche stems with roots 


Related Herbs

All three of these relatives of Cistanche are highly prized in the Orient for their Yang potency.


Return To Youth Herbs

Left: A bundle of Changbaishan "Forever Young Grass" - Boschniaka rossica.

Middle: "Ever Young Herb" from tibet.

Right: "Return to Youth Herb" from the Song Mountains.


A number of Dragon Herbs herbal formulations contain Cistanche stem as a major ingredient. Here are some –

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