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Dragon Herbs tinctures, commonly referred to as "Dragon Drops," are alcohol-and-water extracts of the highest qualtiy tonic herbs in the world. These highly concentrated fluid extracts are available in 2 fl.oz. and 0.25 fl.oz. glass dropper bottles with glass droppers. Dragon Drops formulations are developed by Master Herbalist Ron Teeguarden. We buy our herbs directly from herb farmers and herb hunters.

Our tincture line is recognized by herbal connoisseurs around the world as the premier tonic herbal tinctures. It has been a major goal of Dragon Herbs for the past 8 years to make our Dragon Drops affordable for all. We are happy to announce that we are finally there!

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  1. 22 Reishis Drops
  2. 22 Reishis Mini Drops
  3. 8 Immortals Drops
  4. 8 Immortals Drops -- 8 fl. oz.
  5. 8 Immortals Mini Drops
  6. Albizia Flower Shen Drops
  7. Albizia Flower Shen Mini Drops
  8. American Ginseng Drops
  9. American Ginseng Mini Drops
  10. Astragalus Drops
    Astragalus Drops
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    • Astragalus fortifies the protective Qi (Wei Qi) that circulates just under the skin and in the muscle. This surface energy controls the opening and closing of pores and is our first line of defense against the offensive environmental forces such as heat, cold, dampness and wind.
    • It strengthens metabolic, respiratory and eliminative functions.
    • Astragalus is warm and enters Spleen and Lungs channels.
    • A famous Qi and Blood Tonic. A double-direction adaptogenic.
    • A famed energizer, especially strengthening to the muscles, legs and arms.
    • Enhances the skin's function to eliminate toxin.
    • Supports the Upright Qi which maintains our upright posture and helps our organs defy gravity, especially in the abdominal and pelvic cavities.
    • Supports fluid metabolism.
    • Rich in Astragalosides.
    • Made from superior quality connoisseur-grade organic Astragalus roots.
    • Di Tao – an authentic traditional growing region of superior Astragalus.
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    Special Price $12.80 was $16.00

104 items

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