Dragon Herbs Health Solution Center


Personalized Herbal Consultation

Confused about supplements? Have questions about your health or that of your loved ones? it’s time to consult our licensed herbalists and get a personalized “Radiant Health Consultation.” Learn more »


Our Herbalists

Dragon Herbs herbalists are all extremely expert at tonic herbalism — they are second-to-none in the world. Every member of the staff is dedicated to providing knowledgeable, warm, personalized service whether it is at one of our Emporium or over the phone. Learn more »

Full Service Herb Stores

Featuring the complete selections of Dragon Herbs tonics, elixirs, teas, and superfood. See and learn more on wonderful herbs from all around the world. Learn more »

World Class Elixir Bars

Showcasing handcrafted tonics and elixirs with connoisseur-grade herbs, brew-to-order aromatic Di Tao teas and herbal beverages, and Three Treasures seasonal drinks. Learn more »

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