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How do we do it? Economy of Scale.

Dragon Herbs now produces its tinctures in a pharmaceutical factory in mainland China. The factory is licensed to produce human injections, which have the strictest standards in pharmaceutical production. This means our tincture production, though not pharmaceutical, can benefit from the state-of-the-art facility and equipment that are already in place to meet the highest GMP standards. We now produce in large volume to maximize our raw material buying power and to achieve industrial scale production efficiency.



There are two primary natural solvents in this world: water and alcohol. The plants’ active compounds are usually either water-soluble or alcohol-soluble. The best full spectrum extraction method is to extract plants using both water and alcohol. This is how Dragon Drops are made.

Most tinctures on the market are not extracts. They are, in reality, just infusions, meaning they are merely solvents (a combination of water and alcohol) infused with herbs. They do not go through an actual extraction and condensation process because the alcohol extraction and condensation equipment is expensive and its process has to be carefully controlled due to the combustibility of alcohol. The infusion methodology means lower upfront investment, lower operating cost, but as a result, significantly weaker end products as well.

Our Dragon Drops formulations go through 2 rounds of water extraction and 1 round of alcohol extraction. The extracted materials from all 3 rounds are then combined and condensed by removing the majority of the solvents, reducing the volume by 95%. What you receive in our tinctures are therefore the essence of the essence. It has the best of both worlds: water-soluble compounds AND alcohol-soluble compounds.

For every ounce of Dragon Drops, about 20 ounces of solvents are used. An approximate 25 : 1 solvents to finished product ratio.

For our competitors, what goes into the infusion tank is what come out. An approximate 1 : 1 solvents to finished product ratio.




Because of the difference in manufacturing methodology, Dragon Herbs tinctures pack substantially more substance into 1 fluid ounce than our competitors, some by more than 1500%.


If you want true "tinctures", step up to Dragon Drops, the most potent true tinctures in the world.

It has the best of both worlds: water-soluble compounds AND alcohol-soluble compounds.


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