Botanical Name: Margarita 

Latin: Margarita

PinYin: Zhen Zhu 


Pearls can be crushed into a very fine powder and consumed as a tonic supplement. Pearl powder is rich in many minerals, but most importantly it contains a form of calcium that is 100% utilizable by the human body, the same form that the body uses to make our bones and teeth. The shiny coating of Pearl is a hard, yet simultaneously a very exible matrix, made from a protein called conchiolin. This matrix, when liberated by fine water-grinding (“levigation”) and consumed as a dietary supplement, migrates to our skin and improves the functioning and quality of our collagen and makes the skin much lovelier — finer, smoother, better hydrated, stronger and more exible. Recommendation: use levigated Pearl powder only — it is virtually 100% absorbable and very clean. It can also be used topically to feed the skin.  

Pearl     Premium Grade Pearl  
The pearl Udes to make Pearl powder are small - the smaller the better. Note the size comparison to the pencil at the bottom. 
a portrait of Empress Dowager, the last true empress of China    Yanlin with the grandson of the last imperial herbalist 
Left: the Dowager empress of China, China's last true empress, consumed pearl powder every day to maintain her youth and beauty. She was famous for her perfect skin.
Right: Yanlin watches the grandson of the last imperial herbalist (who made the Pearl powder for the Dowager Empress) preparing Pearl powder the traditional imperial way. He is grinding a handful of pearls for 100 hours in pure water to refine it.
Several Dragon Herbs herbal formulation and superfood mixes contain Pearl powder as a major ingredient. Here are some - 

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