Dendrobium Pod and Stem

Botanical Name: Dendrobii Caulis

Latin: Dendrobium officinale

PinYin: Shi Hu

Dendrobium Pod

Dendrobium stems and pods dried to a golden color


Dendrobium is an orchid. The best part of the Dendrobium to use as a tonic is the flower pod. It is a world class Jing tonic herb. In fact, in Taoism, it is taught that Dendrobium pod is the fastest Jing restorative of any herb. It is a superb moistening agent to the tissues of the body. It replenishes fluids throughout the body and hydrates the skin, making the skin beautiful. Dendrobium pod is a famous anti-aging herb. Taken regularly, the skin becomes radiant, the kidneys become strong, and Jing becomes abundant. Recommendation: Most dendrobium products are made from leaves and stem, which can be very useful for metabolic functions, but the flower pods are more rare and much more effective as a Jing tonic.


dendrobium plant

Living Dendrobium plant in bloom.


Many Dragon Herbs formulations contain Dendrobium pods and stems as a major ingredient. Here are some –

Many other Dragon Herbs herbal formulations contain Dendrobium pods and stems as an ingredient. 

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