The Di Tao Paradigm

Dragon Herbs is truly different from every other company in the Western world in its emphasis on obtaining its herbs from the genuine original sources from which the herbs made their reputations over thousands of years. In Asia, there is a term for this — it is Di Tao. Di Tao literally means “Earth Tao,” but its real meaning is “the authentic true source.”

Herbs that come from one region will differ from those from another region. The water that nurtures them, the soil they grow in, the specific genetic variety of the herb, the weather, the insects and microorganisms that live symbiotically with the plant, how they are collected and prepared, and how they are finally processed — all play a role in their final efficacy, which is ultimately all that matters to you. The differences can be staggering. Di Tao cannot be imitated or replicated. Plants can grow in sub-optimal locations (from an herbal point of view), but they cannot produce the effects of herbs that have been discovered to be the best, and proven to be the most efficacious over centuries of human experience. Herbs can be grown in non-Di Tao locations, but they will be weaker, less potent, less effective, and therefore cheaper (most other brands in America, no offense).

It is our job to find the best of each herb we use. We at Dragon Herbs have dedicated ourselves to that task and feel that we have achieved a certain level of expertise, a level that can assure you that every herb in your herbal program will be the highest quality obtainable, well beyond the normal standards of the nutraceutical industry in America.

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