Goji Berries

Botanical Name: Lycii Fructus 

Latin: Lycium barbarum 

PinYin: Gou Qi Zi 

Sun Dried Heaven Mountain Goji Berries

Goji Berries -- sun dried Heaven Mountain Goji are still juicy and are very sweet


Goji berries are famous as a superfood, sold in all Chinese herb shops and markets and widely sold in natural foods stores. It is a strengthening herb. Goji can be consumed daily as a Jing restorative or for Jing maintenance. Goji is a profound Jing tonic that quickly restores Jing in those who have spent too much. Goji is a superb blood tonic, which makes it very precious to women, who are often somewhat blood deficient due to menstrual functioning. Goji is also a great immune tonic. 

Dragon Herbs is a specialist in Goji. Ron Teeguarden has been selling Goji berries since 1974. Dragon Herbs has been growing Goji at the base of Heaven Mountain in Central Asia for nearly twenty years, and we grow nearly forty tons of luscious berries every year for sale in the United States and Europe. The Heaven MountainTM Goji Berries are grown on glacial melt and require no further irrigation. The natural structured water is the best possible source of water for the Goji to grow on. The land is perfectly suited to Goji (virgin desert, naturally salty and alkaline). 


Heaven Mountain Where Goji Grows

Heaven Mountain towers above the foothills that are saturated in glacial melt. This is the land where Goji grows.


Ron Inspects Heaven Mountain Goji Plantation

Ron inspects Heaven Mountain Goji plantation and experts clean Goji berries of debris and sun dry them


Dragon Herbs Goji berries from Heaven Mountain are the juiciest, sweetest Goji berries available, and of course they are completely natural. They are also considered by Chinese experts to be the most potently tonic of all Goji berries. Note that many Goji are sprayed or dyed to make them look better. Most are overly dried Goji to promote enhanced shelf life. Heaven MountainTM Goji Berries are juicy and natural in every way — no sugar, no color. 

Eat a handful of naturally-grown Heaven MountainTM Goji Berries every day. Extracts are also excellent since they are made with our high quality Goji berries. Dragon Herbs makes many products that include Goji. It has been used by several of China’s most famous herbalists as their main herb for the purpose of achieving longevity and even “immortality.” 


Ron In Goji Fields

Left: Ron walks along stream flowing off Heaven Mountain peaks down toward Goji fields Upper right: Ms. Lin inspects Goji plants Bottom right: Goji plantation manager and Ron enjoy Goji straight from the bush


Many Dragon Herbs herbal formulation contain Goji berry as a major ingredient. Here are some - 

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