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How do I place an order?

Do the following:

  • Find your item by shopping by department
  • Once you have found the product(s) you would like to purchase, click the "Add To Cart" button to add the product to your basket
  • When you are finished shopping, click the "View Cart/Checkout" link at the top right of the page.
  • On the basket page, click the "Go to Checkout" button.
  • Complete the following pages, and you're done!


I placed an order today over the phone. Will my order go out today?

Orders Monday through Friday placed before 1:00pm PST will generally ship that day. Orders made during the weekend are sent out on Monday.


Do you offer free shipping for regular orders over a certain amount?

We offer free UPS Ground shipping on all domestic orders over $75, within the Lower 48 contiguous United States (AK, HI, PR, GU, other US territories and all international destinations excluded.)


How are your packages shipped?

Most packages are shipped via UPS, while international and special case packages (Hawaii, Alaska, P.O. Boxes) are sent through the Post Office.


Do you ship internationally? How much does it usually cost?

Yes, we do:

  • International clients, please note shipping charges will be assessed at checkout based on rates of our current default shipping mode: United States Postal Service (USPS) 1st Class International (or Priority Mail for packages 3 lbs and above) as stated in our Shipping Policies and Guidelines.
  • If customer prefers an alternative mode of shipment such as DHL or UPS International, one of our team members will help you calculate international shipping charges based on your order's total weight and country of destination before completing your purchase. Please email us at or call us at +1 (310) 917-2288 to place your order instead of ordering online.
  • USPS Express International transit time is 3-5 business day, Priority International transit time is 6-10 business days, 1st Class International transit time is at least 2 weeks, sometimes 8 weeks, and each may be delayed by customs.
  • Countries with known problems at customs that may reject or delay the arrival of your shipment are: Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Mexico and most of Latin America.
  • Dragon Herbs is not responsible for any shipments that are held at customs, and Dragon Herbs is not responsible for any additional duty or customs fees.
Mailing List

Can you send me a catalog?

Yes, simply fill out the form on Request Catalog page.


Will you take me off your mailing list?

Yes, please contact us at


Do you sell your email/mailing lists?

Absolutely not, no.

Retail Store

What are your store hours?

Beverly Hills / West Los Angeles
460 S. Robertson. Los Angeles, CA 90048

Everyday: 11am - 7pm PST

Parking available at the back of the building. Click here for more details.

In-Person Consults

Why do the senior herbalists check my tongue or pulse when I see them?

This is the traditional method of mind/body evaluation within the Asian health arts. It is a system of evaluation that is over two thousand years old and is highly effective at determining bodily and psychic harmony, and at detecting imbalances within a person. It is taught in acupuncture schools and is one of the tools of the Senior Tonic Herbalist. These techniques help the herbalist in making suggestions when building an effective and efficient tonic herbal life cultivation program.

Qualifications of Staff

Are your herbalists licensed?

There are currently no license requirements for herbalists in California or the United States. However, all of our Senior Herbalists are licensed acupuncturists who have Master’s Degrees in Chinese medicine. Most are licensed by the state of California, and several have their national license as well. In addition to their primary schooling, our herbalists at all levels have received intensive herbal training with Master Herbalist Ron Teeguarden and his senior herbalist staff, and they also attend weekly meetings and training with Ron.


What are the qualifications of your bartenders? Can they talk about herbs?

Our bartenders have had classes with Ron, and generally have done a lot of guided and independent study. They can certainly talk about herbs, and most of our bartenders are quite knowledgeable about Chinese tonic herbs and the products offered at Dragon Herbs. They also are generally well versed in the philosophy and background of the herbs and superfoods in relation to the art of life cultivation. In depth analysis is usually best done with a senior herbalist.


How do I know if I am dealing with a real qualified herbalist?

Each of our employees wears a name tag denoting their licensure, and junior or senior herbalist status. Feel free to ask our employees about their status and they will be glad to answer.

Product Info

What is the cost of certain products?

In the Search field on the Dragon Herbs website, insert the particular product name or product number to locate the information and cost of each product.


How does a squirt compare to a capsule?

A squirt is one squeeze of the rubber dropper bulb and is roughly equivalent to one capsule.


How long does one tincture bottle/capsule bottle last?

Generally, our capsules are 100 per bottle, and at the recommended dose they should typically last about 16 days. A few of our formulations contain 60 capsules, and at their recommended dose will last about one month. However, dosage may be adjusted; and often the herbalist or health practitioner may make a recommendation. Shelf life of a tightly closed bottle is typically two years from production. In our tinctures (“Dragon Drops”), there are 80 squirts. So, depending on your dose they can last from a week to one month or longer. Their shelf life is multiple years, depending on the tincture.


How should I store my herbs?

Herbal extracts, including powders, capsules, and tinctures are best stored in a dry, cool place such as a cupboard. Many people who use herbs regularly create a “home elixir bar.” The home elixir bar is a special place where one can regularly or ritually consume their tonic herbs and superfoods. This would include some shelves on a wall that do not receive direct sunlight. A close-by water source and other home elixir bar accoutrements can be desirable.


Do you sell Ephedra?

Currently, we do not sell any products containing ephedra.


Do you sell your herbs in bulk?

Sorry, we do not offer bulk herbs currently. However, we do sell our Goji Berries, Longan Fruit, Schizandra Fruit, and some other herbs in convenient sized packages along with our Walnuts, Pine Nuts, and Hermit’s Mix.


I have a question on the Sweetfruit Drops...

The ingredients listed mention the other ingredients as water and vegetable glycerin, so just wanted to confirm that the drops do not have any alcohol.

Our Sweetfruit drops do not contain alcohol.


Is there caffeine in your Spring Dragon Longevity Tea?

Dragon Herbs Spring Dragon Longevity Tea does not contain caffeine. The energizing effects of the tea are due to the unique blend of herbs present, particularly the main herb, the leaves of the Gynostemma plant.


Aren’t all Ginsengs the same?

What is the difference between different ginseng or ginseng products?

Not all ginseng roots are the same:

  • Dragon Herbs offers a wide range of ginseng, singly and in premier combinations. This includes white and red ginseng, processed, non–processed and fresh roots, from China, Korea, and the United States.
  • We choose our ginseng roots according to their source, age, and the method of preparation. We consider the wilder, older, and richest in flavor and aroma to be the ultimate choice. Many commercial products use roots that are four years old or less, and most are younger than the six years required for a root to reach its early stage of maturity and its potential for adaptability, power and energy. The source, age and quality of the root determines its ability to provide true Qi, physical strength, and mental efficiency, and to restore full metabolic, respiratory, and immunological functions to the body.


What is the nutritional information for all snack and food items?

Nutritional information for each of our snack items can be found on that product’s label. Nutritional information for some products with extensive ingredient lists, such as Tonic Alchemy, can be found on the individual product info page on our website.


Are your capsules vegetarian? What are they made of?

The vast majority (over 200 products) of our capsules are vegan, made from pullulan, which is naturally fermented from tapioca (non–GMO). Only a couple of our products are made from with gelatin capsules, which are clearly specified in the labeling. Our Reishi Spore Oil Caps are made from gelatin.


Is your Cordyceps considered vegetarian?

Cultured vs. Wild:

  • Our Cultured Cordyceps (Cordyceps militaris) and Cordyceps capsules (Cordyceps sinensis) are cultivated on a brown rice substrate and are completely vegetarian. They are fungi (mushrooms).
  • Wild cordyceps (Cordyceps sinensis) is a type of fungus which attacks a species of caterpillar known as Hepialus armoricanus. The mycelium replaces the host tissue, and appears as a sprouted grass or worm, thus the term “winter worm” or “summer grass.” However, the resulting fungus, which is called “Cordyceps,” contains no animal material and is thus considered vegetarian — it is a mushroom.


Is your gynostemma extract standardized?

Our Gynostemma capsules contain a whole herb extract. However, Both Cardio Pro and Super Pill No. 1 contain the gynostemma leaf, and gynostemma leaf saponins resulting in gypenosides of 60%. This is much more potent than normal extracts which typically contain 10% gypenosides. Super Pill No. 2 contains a FITT ™ extract of gynostemma leaf, and an extract of Total Gypenosides (the complete total saponins from the gynostemma leaf). The 99% pure gypenosides are the richest possible source of Gypensoide XLIX, believed to be the most potent component of gynostemma.


Is your Bupleurum and Peony formula the same as Jia Wei Xiao Yao San?

Yes, Bupleurum and Peony, now known as Natural Woman, is based on the classic formula Jia Wei Xiao Yao San, while Women’s Balance is Xiao Yao San.


I’m very interested in learning about herbs and Tonic herbalism.

Would you recommend a place to start in terms of educating myself on these subjects?

Our catalog and website are excellent places to begin. Those wanting more would benefit from reading Ron’s book “Radiant Health - The Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese Tonic Herbs.” Dragon Herbs also provides many pieces of literature that provide insight into herbs and tonic herbal philosophy. We offer classes and seminars from time to time, and there will be many upcoming opportunities to learn with Ron Teeguarden himself or other senior herbalists. Sign up on the website or with an in-store herbalist for notifications. Dragon Herbs offers a broad selection of books that are directly relevant to life cultivation, tonic herbalism, and life style. If you wish, ask an herbalist to guide you to the best books for your stage of knowledge. Please read the booklet “31 Tips — For getting healthy now and for living a long, healthy, productive and happy life”. It is a 45-minute read that forms the foundation of life cultivation with diet, herbs and lifestyle.


What is tonic herbalism or Chinese medicine?

Traditional Chinese Medicine is a sophisticated system of healing theories and practices originating over 4,000 years ago. Brought into the modern era by Chinese medical institutions and universities, it is now accepted worldwide as an indispensable modality of complementary medicine. The main branches of Chinese Medicine are herbal medicine and acupuncture. Tonic herbalism is a rich tradition rooted in the Daoist philosophy of consuming herbs for non–medicinal purposes to strengthen the body and immune system. Tonic herbs help one adapt to the stressors of modern day life, promote health, promote healthy aging, and bring us closer to our physical and spiritual potential; what the Daoists call “Glowing Health.”


I want to detox my liver, what do I do?

If you have been diagnosed with a specific Liver condition, please consult with your primary or professional healthcare practitioner. With their consent, we would recommend a Three Treasures consultation with one of our senior herbalists. Traditionally, Schizandra is a famous Chinese herb used for Liver detox. It would also be helpful to support its use with our Spring Dragon Longevity Tea.


Are there any tonic herbs which are safe during pregnancy?

Are there any herbs which are strongly cautioned against during pregnancy?

If you are pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant, please call us for a free consultation with a Senior Herbalist at 1-888-558-6642


I was wondering if your products are registered with the FDA?

I feel more comfortable knowing the products are safe if they are registered.

Herbal extracts are not registered with the FDA but manufacturers, including Dragon Herbs, are regulated by the FDA. We work closely with the FDA at all times, and frequently submit testing, documentation, or samples to them when we are importing herbs and extracts. Feel free to ask if you have any other questions but to clarify, the FDA doesn’t register dietary supplements or herbal extracts though it does regulate the manufacturing of those products.


Are there any side effects from taking tonic herbs?

Dragon Herbs tonic herbs are meant to be taken as an aid to health and longevity, and when taken properly should not have any side effects. If you do experience any issues after taking the herbs, stop taking them immediately and contact one of our herbalists.


Are your herbs safe? Are they organic, kosher, gluten free?

Our ingredients surpass the standards of organic certification and most meet kosher standards, although they are not officially certified as such. They are grown in pristine and remote areas known as biospheres where no industry or pollution is allowed. Our factory is GMP certified and meets or exceeds FDA standards. Regarding gluten, most of our formulas are gluten free, but there are a few exceptions. If you have questions about a specific herb and its gluten content, please contact us directly by email or phone.


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