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Dragon Herbs offers a carefully selected range of books on the art of glowing health, Chinese herbs, tonic herbs and lifestyle options for glowing health and spiritual growth. Don’t just add these great materials to your book self — read and study them — they are life transforming.

Below are the books that available online. We carry more titles in our stores that you can purchase by calling us at 1-888-558-6642. Browse the list here »

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  1. 31 Tips - Radiant Health as a Way of Life
  2. The Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese Tonic Herbs Book
  3. Herbs for Spiritual Development by Ganga Nath
    Herbs for Spiritual Development by Ganga Nath
    • Ganga Nath’s wondrous book describes his and his wife Tara’s amazing adventures in the realm of global spiritual awakening
    • He tells his story of his years as Ron Teeguarden’s apprentice
    • Ganga and Tara describe the herbs used for spiritual development
    • Ganga and Tara also share their story of the many years they spent in India studying and meditating with a several extraordinary gurus
    • The book is jam packed with gorgeous photos of India and China
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  4. Lingzhi: From Mystery to Science
  5. Medicinal Mushrooms: The Essential Guide
  6. Half Earth: Our Planet's Fight for Life
    Half Earth: Our Planet's Fight for Life
    • May well be the most important book of our generation
    • Discusses potential mass extinction and the necessity to preserve the biodiversity of our planet
    • Written by world renowned Harvard University professor emeritus
    • Proposes that we dedicate fully half the surface of the Earth to nature
    • A great, compelling, sometimes sad, sometimes optimistic read – the man knows how to write
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  7. ...And I Breathed
    ...And I Breathed
    • Former Fortune 500 company executive’s journey from “a life of matter to a life that matters”
    • Handbook for every executive looking to find peace of mind to go with business success
    • Jason Garner shares the lessons gained on his rise to CEO of Global Music at Live Nation, and (finally) learning to breathe while sitting cross-legged with timeless Masters of body, mind, and spirit
    • This book will touch your heart, stimulate your brain and cause you to ask the kinds of questions that provoke growth and positive change in your life
    • A fun read
    • Jason describes his journey to the Shaolin Temple in China with Ron Teeguarden
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  8. Qi Journal: Vol 25 "Part 1"
  9. Qi Journal: Vol 25 "Part 2"
  10. Dragons At Play

10 products found

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