eeTee™ and FITT™ Process



  • Easy – eeTee dissolves clear in seconds, even at room temperature. Just scoop, stir and serve.
  • Economical – Less raw materials, less energy consumption, and ecological water technology all contribute to a lower cost.
  • Tea – These powders dissolve in seconds to produce a remarkable tea that tastes exactly like the original ingredients and possesses the identical phytochemical profile.
  • Effective – With FITT, 95-98% of all of the plant’s active ingredients are transferred to the eeTee extract.
  • Ecological – FITT uses 33% less energy than traditional extraction methods and produces 1/10th the waste of home brewing.

Ingredients: Dragon Herbs uses super-premium grade tonic herbs to produce the eeTee™ line of products. One look, one sniff, one taste and you will recognize the quality of the ingredients that went into these instant granulated powders.

Other Ingredients: Gum arabic


Made by Fingerprint Identical Transfer Technology™ (FITT™)

Dragon Herbs produces a range of herbal products using FITT™ extraction technology. The herbs are extracted at less than 108ºF, preserving the pigments, bioactive components and intact enzymes. It can be consumed as a tea or in a smoothie, superfood blast or other mixer beverage. These are true raw extracts. They are essentially low temperature full spectrum extracts of the juices of difficult-to-extract herbs. FITT™ technology destroys NOTHING in the original material. The analytical “fingerprint” of the Longan eeTee™ is identical to that of the raw fruit from which it is made. That is what “FITT” stands for: Fingerprint Identical Transfer Technology.




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