Grounded Coffee® Mini Drops Collection

Grounded Coffee® Mini Drops Collection

Popular Coffee Additives to Keep You Grounded

  • Don’t change your joe, just inject some mojo.
  • Mini-sizes perfect for trial and on-the-go!
  • Duanwood Reishi Mini Drops
    The forest log-grown mushroom is revered as the mushroom of immortality in Asia
  • Cultured Cordyceps Mini Drops
    Balanced deep rejuvenation for all; the reincarnation of the Wild Tibetan Cordyceps
  • American Ginseng Mini Drops
    True energy physically and mentally for all
  • Wild Siberian Chaga Mini Drops
    The Siberians' coffee alternative. Their secret to ensure survival of the fittest in Siberia.
  • Lion's Mane Mini Drops
    Mushroom for the brainy bunch
  • Sweetfruit Zen Mini Drops
    A low calorie low-glycemic-index sweetener with a Zen calm. The perfect sweetener to take the edge off of coffee.
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Product Description

Don’t change your joe, just inject some mojo.

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Our herbalist-curated Grounded Coffee® collection of Dragon Drops tinctures are the most popular coffee additives at our elixir bars over the past decade. They keep your coffee grounded by reducing the jitters while boosting it with health benefits on many fronts. No need to change coffee brands. Just add one or a few Dragon Drops to your favorite joe based on your health goals or mood.


Don't need to give up your favorite joe!

You may have heard a lot about mushroom coffees and their many promised health benefits, but you don’t want to give up your morning cup of joe.

We have good news. You don’t have to.

Just infuse your daily joe with mushroom mojo by adding one or a few Dragon Drops to your favorite joe for calm lasting energy, sharper mental focus, boosted immunity and beyond.

Unlike mushroom powders, these Dragon Drops tinctures integrate instantly into a cup of coffee, hot or cold or iced, without needing a frother or a blender!



Without blending tools, powder mushroom mixes are not fully dissolved, with clumps floating at the top even after 30 minutes.

Dragon Drops integrates instantly, within seconds, into any drink, even iced coffee. All you need is a quick swirl.







American Ginseng




Lion's Mane


Sweet Zen




6 mini drops; 0.25 fl oz (7ml) each
2-12 droppers per day as desired or as directed by your helath care practitioner
Available in full size 2 fl. oz. Dragon Drops

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