Teas (Camellia Sinensis)

Choosing the Right Tea (Camellia sinensis) – Choosing among the typical tea types for yourself or someone else is not exactly easy. That is probably why the expression of “not my cup of tea” exists. We have a solution for this common problem. We have created an illustrative infographic, comparing the most common caffeinated teas (Camellia sinensis) from various aspects: processing, taste, caffeine content, ease on the stomach, etc.

Tea Chart

The tea comparison chart can be downloaded for your reference or for sharing with your friends and family. We hope you find it helpful and informative.

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  1. Snow Chrysanthemum 2 oz.
  2. Red Jujube Dates with Pits in Teal Pouch 5 oz
  3. Wild Himalayan Rhodiola 3.5 oz.
    Wild Himalayan Rhodiola 3.5 oz.
    • One of the most precious tonic herbs in the world
    • Only available in very limited quantities through Dragon Herbs, as it cannot be cultivated and is only collected from the wild
    • Collected wild from above the Himalayan snow line of Tibet and Bhutan
    • Enhances oxygenation, energy, mental energy and adaptability
    • An herb of spiritual potency
    • Use in DBG with other tonic herbs
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  4. Organic Black Tea in Teal Pouch 3.3 oz
  5. Celestial Fusion Blossom Tea, 10 bulb pack
  6. Sunrise Blossom Tea, 20 bulb pack
  7. Double Happiness Blossom Tea, 20 bulb pack
  8. Lychee Carnation Blossom Tea, 20 bulb pack
  9. Pu Erh Tea Cakes in Teal Pouch – 28 Cakes
    Pu Erh Tea Cakes in Teal Pouch – 28 Cakes
    • Pu Erh tea is a dark tea that has been around for centuries
    • Long celebrated by royalty and literati
    • Currently in China and throughout Asia, Pu Erh tea has become a go-to gourmet tea for health-conscious people
    • This Pu Erh has been pressed into small tea cakes for easy carrying and use
    • Pu Erh tea positively affects one’s quality of life on a number of levels
    • Pu Erh is a special kind of tea made a very old-fashioned way
    • Believed to be very beneficial to metabolic, cardiovascular and cognitive functions
    • As a tonic for energy and beauty, it stands in the highest regard
    • As a refreshing, digestive and a meditative brew, it stands topmost among the teas of China, and in fact the world
    • Pu Erh comes from the boreal forests of northwest Yunnan, the motherland of tea, situated in a mountainous area at high elevation
    • Growing in this forest are semi-wild and wild old big-leaf tea trees, a specific cultivar of tea tree that when mature has large thick leaves
    • Only trees that grow in Yunnan can be called “Pu Erh” – Yunnan is thus the only Di Tao (authentic) source of Pu Erh tea in the world
    • Dragon Herbs Pu Erh is made from these authentic Pu Erh tea trees
    • Processed gently through long fermentation
    • Highly beneficial
    • Facilitates digestion
    • Beneficial to the cardiovascular system
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  10. Organic Dragon Well Green Tea in Teal Pouch 2.2 oz

98 items

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