Blossom Tea Variety Box (9 pack)

Blossom Tea Variety Box (9 pack)

  • 5 different blossom teas
  • Delight guests
  • Flavorful, beautiful and healthful tea bulbs
  • Tea bulbs bloom magnificently when placed in hot water
  • Easily transportable, with no tea strainer or filter required
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Product Description

Give the gift of blossom teas with this Blossom Tea Variety Pack. 5 different teas to delight guests and loved ones. Serve it in our Desktop Botanical Garden teaware to fully enjoy their beauty and flavor. Watch as each blossom tea blooms and unfurls in hot water.

Handcrafted blossom teas are an extraordinary and beautiful method of preparing very high quality tea. Following an age–old tradition, tea artisans bind Silver Needle White Tea leaves along with one or more flavorful, beautiful, and highly aromatic flowers, forming them into balls of different shapes. These balls are firm and hardy, so they may be carried along with a person individually or in bundles to be used anytime, anywhere. Since they are bound, you will never need a tea strainer or filter. When placed in hot water, these balls open up into magnificent blossoms, revealing both the tea needles and the perfect flowers hidden inside. It takes 4~5 minutes for the tea balls to open fully. Watching these tea balls bloom is almost a magical experience, as if you were right in front of a spring blossom inside a garden. The blossomed flowers, the aromatic scent, and the refreshing taste of tea leaves are pure joy for our senses. And best of all, they are as healthful as they are beautiful, providing all the benefits of premium white tea, the pinnacle of non–fermented, antioxidant–rich teas.*

Ingredients: Silver Needle Tea, Lily flower, Jasmine flower, Marigold flower, Carnation flower, Globe Amaranth flower.

Traditional Function
Rich in antioxidants; uplifting & balancing for mind & body
Who can use it?
9 tea bulbs
Steep one bulb in 6-8oz hot water for 4-5 minutes until fully blossom. Sip and enjoy.
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  1. "Purchased this as a gift for my colleague who enjoys tea! They love it so much that they ordered 2 themselves! "

    PJ, Great gift!

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