Athletics, Sports, and High Level Fitness

Athletes and fitness buffs, as well as those beginning on a path seeking fitness, gain multiple benefits with the inclusion of superior grade tonic herbs to a personalized Three Treasure program. Physical performance of any and all types may be noticeably improved and enhanced through the addition of tonic herbs to any daily program and diet.


Mini-Drops: Athlete's Collection

This collection of tinctures enhances power, endurance, restorative-recuperative capacity and performance. Everyone’s athletic ability can be cultivated and can be improved with the help of these herbal extracts. Every athlete or aspiring athlete or fitness conscious person should try this set out.

Changbai Deer Antler Mini Drops

Deer Antler is the only mammalian organ that will regenerate after removal. It is thus highly revered in Asian culture as a source of Jing and regenerative factors. The ultimate primal power builder. A Yang Jing tonic made entirely from deer antler tips where the growth occurs and contains the highest amount of active constituents.

Changbai Mountain Ant Mini Drops

Ants can lift 100 times their own weight. A unique set of aldehyde compounds found in ants is believed to contribute to ants’ unparalleled physical strength.

Cultured Cordyceps Mini Drops

Cultured Cordyceps is a balanced Yin Jing and Yang Jing tonic (inner power, sexual, strength, bone marrow tonic.) Tasty even when taken straight, it is also a powerful tonic to the lungs and respiratory functions which are integral to athletic performance.

Eleuthero Mini Drops

Eleuthero is a world famous athlete’s herb. It enhances the body’s ability to adapt to physical stress. It is slightly stimulating as it is one of the few Qi tonics that actually helps release energy within minutes.

Eucommia Bark Mini Drops

Eucommia Bark facilitates and modulates functions related to testosterone and estrogen. It tonifies the functions of bone rebuilding and thus promotes a strong skeletal system. Tincture extraction captures almost all the active compounds in Eucommia, including the novel triterpenes and fatty acids. Ant is rich in ATP and Zinc.

Gecko Rockclimber Mini Drops

Gecko Rockclimber is great for building muscle, lungs and endurance. It is a quintessential broad-spectrum athlete’s formula.


Energy Drink Options

Most athletes consume an energy drink during their breaks or directly during competition or working out. Dragon Herbs offers a variety of powerful, convenient opportunities for athletes to create THEIR OWN personal energy drink.

Tibetan Magic eeTee

This instant powder was made for this purpose. It contains multiple herbs that support extreme action and stress. Tibetan Rhodiola is the lead ingredient, an herb that has been used by mountain climbers in Tibet for centuries to enhance oxygenation and improve circulation to the muscles, heart and brain.

Shaolin Inner Power eeTee

The core herbs used by the Shaolin monks to boost inner power, focus, strength and endurance, are prepared by cutting edge FITT® extraction technology for instant preparation in any temperature water.

Astragalus eeTee

One of the premier Qi tonic herbs in the world, Astragalus root is known to support superb endurance and strength. It has been a go-to athlete’s herb for decades.

Chrysanthemum eeTee

Chrysanthemum eeTee is made from a special species and variety of small Chrysanthemum flowers that have been used for centuries in Asia to help keep a cool head. Chrysanthemum can reduce the heat you feel, especially in your head, eyes, neck and face. This is a great ingredient to your personal sports drink when the weather is warm and the heat presents a challenge.


Another Approach

Tibetan Treasure Elixir

This micro-brewed liquid elixir is concentrated and ready to add to liquid as an energy drink. It is a different formula than Tibetan Magic eeTee, though it too is lead by Tibetan Rhodiola. It also contains over 70 electrolytes (trace minerals) extracted from Great Salt Lake. Available in retort pouches.



Career Athletes

Tonic herbs are a profound tool for meeting specific athletic and fitness needs.  Tonic, and especially adaptogenic, herbs have been used by amateur and professional sports champions around the world throughout history. The use of powerful tonic herbs has been documented to the time of the original martial artists over two thousand years ago and is essential for the training of the monks of the Shaolin Temple. Herbs are taken daily to build muscle, increase strength, sharpen focus and concentration, build will power and self-discipline, alleviate stress and minor discomforts, creating greater and greater endurance, coordination and, ultimately, limitless vitality and vigor. Career athletes and those who engage in specialized or seasonal physical activities may require specific and additional herbal products to meet specialized needs on an individual basis.

We prefer not to mention celebrity-athlete names, but let it be said that among the super athletes who have used (and are currently using) Dragon Herbs tonic herbs are multiple Olympic gold medalists, multiple tennis Grand Slam champions, multiple NFL, NBA and major league baseball players, hall of fame hockey players, professional volleyball players, world class runners, world class body builders, world champion bicyclists and more.

The goal of tonic herbalism is to build muscle, increase strength, sharpen concentration, build endurance, alleviate stress, relieve pain, and to build will power. The physical challenges experienced by athletic endeavors and exertions require adaptogenic herbs to help the body respond appropriately and efficiently to the requirements of the physical challenge – terrain, weather, environment, duration, season -  with as little demand upon the Jing, the adrenals and kidney system, as possible. The structural aspect of the body is built, maintained and restored through the function of the Kidney organ system, our Jing.


Astragalus Advanced

Astragalus root has been known to help build muscle for over two thousand years. It has been used by countless warriors and athletes to build muscle and to improve muscle firing capacity and endurance. This is the most advanced Astragalus product on the market with 5% Astragaloside IV and 25% total Astragalosides.

Organic Ginseng

Ginseng is a famous herb for athletes. It increases muscle strength, muscle mass and muscle endurance. Dragon Herbs is among the few organic Ginseng providers in the world.


This Bulgarian herb has been used for several decades by world class athletes to strengthen muscle. It is a power herb that promotes muscle spindle action and endurance.

Jujube Dates

Shaolin Inner Power (Jujube Dates)

Wild Peruvian Black Maca



Strength Builder

This is a classic Chinese tonic formula that has been used for centuries by martial artists in China, Korea and Japan to enhance physical strength, and thus the name. Use it daily, and before working out and performing.

Shaolin Inner Power

This is a formula sanctioned by a senior Shaolin monastery fighting monk. It contains herbs that promote martial arts level strength. It is made from the best tonic herbs in China and is actually used by Shaolin fighting monks to perform gongfu (kung fu).

Organic Red Ginseng

Ginseng is known the world over for increasing strength. But there is cheap ginseng on the market that is not strengthening, though it may be stimulating. High quality Ginseng is strengthening in the short term, but also in the long term.


Mental Power

Diamond Mind

Diamond Mind contains herbs that have been used for centuries to promote sharp, clear, enduring mental concentration. The effect will last for many hours, and the most important benefits are cumulative over time.

Tao in a Bottle

This formula contains the amino acid L-theanine, blended with energy-enhancing tonic herbs famous for improving mental focus. It is both relaxing and energizing. Mental clarity is the whole point of this world-famous formulation. Many of our world class athletes take Tao in a Bottle.

Tibetan Magic

Tibetan Magic is similar to Diamond Mind, but is an eeTee instant powder that can easily be mixed into a liquid as a sports drink, or a sports drink component. It too incorporates Himalayan Rhodiola which is among the world’s most powerful adaptogens and mind-clearing herbs, It promotes circulation in the brain and heart.



Tibetan Magic

Tibetan Magic contains Cordyceps mushroom and Himalayan Rhodiola, among other adaptogenic tonic herbs, that have been used seemingly forever in Asia to promote athletic endurance. Sure, you’re an elite endurance athlete, but try trekking across the Himalayas or rowing a boat twelve hours a day and see if endurance is an issue just for modern athletes. These herbs were treasures to the endurance athletes of the past, and remain at the cutting edge of endurance-enhancing substances on earth – and they are natural and safe to use indefinitely until you are a centenarian athlete.

Cordyceps Drops

Cordyceps is a mushroom that grows wild in the Himalayas at about three miles above sea level. It is an awesome adaptogenic herb, but for endurance-oriented athletes it is one of the world’s great treasures. It improves lung capacity and endurance, benefits muscle endurance and helps maintain healthy organ functions under extreme stress. Cordyceps Drops is a tincture that can be added to tea or a liquid, or it can be taken straight into your mouth (it has a delicious mushroom flavor).

Eleuthero Drops

Eleuthero used to be called “Siberian Ginseng.” It is the world’s most popular athlete’s endurance herbal supplement. Dragon Herbs Eleuthero Drops is the purest Eleuthero you can

Astragalus eeTee

Astragalus root supports respiratory and metabolic functions and has been used for centuries to improve longevity and resist fatigue.

Supreme Protector

Supreme Protector contains four major tonic herbs, each of which are beneficial to serious athletes. Schizandra protects the skin, increases concentration for an extended period of time, and enhances respiratory capability. It is said that Schizandra causes the lungs to extract more Qi from the air we breathe. Reishi is the herb of good fortune. It is calming and centering and supports an even emotional balance beneficial to athletes. Astragalus has been described above for strength, but it also enhances physical endurance. Cordyceps is one of the world’s most famous endurance-enhancing natural products.

Tibetan Magic eeTee

Tibetan Magic eeTee is all about endurance. The main herb in Tibetan Magic is Himalayan Rhodiola, and herb that increases oxygen absorption into the body, increasing mental clarity and physical endurance. The other herbs in this profound instant tea support this action. It can be dissolved easily in cool water and consumed as an energy drink.


If you’re a serious athlete, you need serious power. Power is different than strength or endurance or will. It is a combination of all of them and more. It is a force of nature that is furious, controlled and explosive. Whether you are hitting a forehand, driving to the finish line, or meeting your opponent literally head-on, you need power to be victorious. The Asian tradition has focused on power. In fact, the most important book in Asian philosophical history is entitled “The Way and the Power” (by Laozi). Great herbal geniuses and omnipotent warriors and fighters discovered the “herbs of power” and have learned to put them to use. Here are a few.

Shaolin Inner Power

The formula is based largely on the fighting formulations used by Zen fighting monks through the centuries at the world-famous Shaolin Temple in China. Shaolin Temple is the birthplace of gongfu (kung fu). Gongfu requires explosive power and herbs help support that energy.

Gecko Rockclimber

This is a formula that builds and release power. Many of our greatest athletes have used Gecko Rockclimber to their great benefit.

Kinetic Ginseng

Korean Ginseng is a primal herb of power. Both the variety and the processing matter. True Korean Red Ginseng has been coveted by kings and athletes for centuries for its power enhancing capacity. It has always been the primal martial arts herb, especially in northern Asia where it was most accessible.

[image of Sung Jin Park lifting a barbell in his teeth]

Ant Power

Ant Power is an ultimate power formula. Every herb in the formula is a classic power herb. And it is headed by Changbai Mountain Ant. These ants can lift 100 times their own weight, and this is based on their chemistry. Here, you consume their chemistry.

Changbai Mountain Ant Drops

This potent extract of Mountain Ant and several other power herbs will provide a different kind of energy boost than any other supplement in the world - raw power.

Deer Antler Drops

Many athletes have used deer antler extracts to promote muscle growth and power. Dragon Herbs Deer Antler Drops is made from 100% pure deer antler “tips.” The tips are the last 1 inch of the antler. Over 90% of the stem cells and important chemistry of deer antler is contained in just this 1 inch. All other deer antler products are made from the less expensive, vastly less potent section of the deer antler. Within a few days, you will feel the difference in your physical and mental power.

Structural Integrity

Strong Bones

Strong Bones was used by martial artists to nourish the bones and to support the skeleton’s natural, constant healing. Athlete all need strong bones. This formulation specifically strengthens bone structure and research indicates the herbs in Strong Bones help in the constant “remodeling” of our bone tissue. It is a fundamental principle of the Chinese art of glowing health that “bones are controlled by the kidneys.” The “kidney” is defined in Chinese health care as the system of functions that control our adrenals, sexual functions, skeleton and related structural tissues, renal functions, our spine and one’s courage and ability to handle stress. The kidney is the primary storage vesicle in the body of a primal energy known in China as Jing. Jing determines the power of your life and your longevity potential. Strong Bones formula is a very powerful “kidney tonic” and “Jing tonic.” It strengthens many functions related to your kidneys and central to your life and longevity.

Frame Builder

Similar to Strong Bones, Frame Builder is designed to strengthen the bones, but also to strengthen the connective tissues. So it is often used by athletes to support their joints and bones. In the end, almost every serious athlete experiences structural issues - sometimes temporary, sometimes debilitating and sometimes disastrous. Obviously, some structural problems are career ending, leaving a once-formidable athlete hobbled for life. Athletes must focus some of the attention on developing strong bones, ligaments and tendons. These tissues are within the scope of tissues and organs we can largely control, and certainly can fortify. It is far better to nourish these all-important tissues on an ongoing basis than waiting until an injury or general failure occurs. Like Strong Bones, Frame Builder is a very potent formula “kidney tonic.” It strengthens all functions related to your kidneys and may be used a a primary Jing tonic to promote longevity.


Pycnogenol is a powerful antioxidant that improves microcirculation to the bones and joints.

Stress Management

Tao in a Bottle

If you never experience stress, you are not a great athlete. Athletics are a priori stressful. You play to win against competition who is also playing to win. There is often a great deal at stake. Tao in a Bottle is an adaptogenic formula that contains the wonderful nutraceutical L-theanine, an amino acid derived from green tea. L-theanine

Shaolin Inner Power

Shaolin inner power has a true double purpose: (1) it provides inner power, and (2) it is emotionally and psychically centering. Both effects are of extreme importance to a serious athlete. The Shaolin Temple was both the birthplace of gongfu (kung fu) and the birthplace of Zen meditation. That paradoxical dualism is also built into Shaolin Inner Power. Calm, controlled power – think about it.

Will Power

Will Strengthener

The great athlete is a person of superior will. To succeed, you must will it to happen. Then your skill and training have a chance to carry you through the battle. The athlete of greater will will always triumph.

Kinetic Ginseng

Again, Korean Red Ginseng that has been fermented (pre-digested) and made into a powder is one of the great athletic herbs. Ginseng provides more than a physical boost and enhanced adaptability, it also nurtures will power.


The difference between exercise, fitness and a “sport” is that a sport is by definition competitive, which therefore calls for “winning.” Winning requires the full range of athletic attributes described here, plus a boost in mental focus, energy and coordination at exactly the right moments to assure winning. All else being equal, winners become better performers in crunch time. Typically this involves an explosion of will power, extreme focus, nerves of steel and a Zen state of mind (being in “the zone”).

We believe the following herbs help make “winners."


Here is an ancient story (poem) that sounds counterintuitive at first, but is 100% true:

The Need to Win
When an archer is shooting for nothing
He has all his skill.
If he shoots for a brass buckle
He is already nervous.
If he shoots for a prize of gold
He goes blind
Or sees two targets –
He is out of his mind!

His skill has not changed. But the prize
Divides him. He cares.
He thinks more of winning
Than of shooting –
And the need to win
Drains him of power.

Chuang Tzu
The Way of Chuang Tzu
400 BCE
Translated by Thomas Merton

In other words, keep your focus on your performance, not on winning. Winning is only a side-effect of near-perfect performance. There is no question, will power is all-important. A steady mind, absolute focus, and the ability to draw from your inner power at the appropriate times are the characteristics of the Way of Mastery and the Way of Winning.


It may seem ridiculous to include luck in a listing of functions, but in Taoism luck is believed to play a role in everything that happens in life. Taoists believe it is possible to make your own luck, good or bad. It is obvious that “winners” have more good luck than bad luck. Is this just coincidence? No. Your state of mind influences your luck. If you feel unlucky, you will be unluck. If you feel lucky, more often than not you will have some level of good luck. That said, a superior athlete will usually beat another athlete simply out of skill, will, focus, superior fitness and more adept application. So you can’t count on luck, unless all things are about equal and then you get a bit of luck. This happens.

A couple of tonic herbs have been associated with luck. They are not magical herbs, but they support mental awareness, deep stability, clarity and psychological power. These herbs are:

Reishi mushroom

(also known as the “herb of good fortune”). Wild Reishi Drops is best for this purpose.

Schizandra berry

the “quintessence of tonic herbs”

Himalayan Rhodiola

Not Russian Rhodiola rosea, but Wild Tibetan Rhodiola sacra – because wild Rhodiola sacra makes you more genius

Bhutanese Wild Cordyceps

Because it only grows by luck and is the totally centering and empowering.

Wild Ginseng

Arguably the ultimate herb on the planet earth. Dragon Herbs offers several 100% wild Ginseng products, and all of them contain literally hundreds of adaptogenic ginsenosides that adjust balance and have been believed by millions of people, including great wise men and women, to bring good luck.

All four of these “lucky herbs” are athletes powerhouses without this added element, so be wise and consume at least one of them, if not all of them daily.

Athletic Longevity

How long will you perform? Will you still be an athlete in your 40s or 60s? That of course depends upon how you take care of yourself, how you nurture your body, how well your body repairs itself, and upon your will to continue. From a big point of view, you don’t want to be a fine young athlete who loses it completely once you pass your athletic prime. In fact, if you want to extend your career you must in a sense age more slowly. Not many things can serve you better in this regard than tonic herbs.

Kinetic Ginseng

Ginseng is the King of Herbs for good reason. It is empowering, strengthening and promotes

Return to Youth Formula

Return to Youth Formula was invented about one thousand years ago in China. It remains to this day one of the most widely used youth and health-preserving formulations. It contains herbs from each of the three “treasures,” Jing, Qi and Shen. It is a power formula and preserves fluids. It is a powerful antioxidant formula made with numerous high-potency antioxidant herbs. This formulation can form the foundation of a long career.

Super Pill No.2

This is a very modern formulation made with cutting edge ingredients and made by cutting edge technology. All of the herbs in the formula are premium adaptogens extracted and refined by FITT technology. Super Pill No.2 also contains a rich dose of the most active constituent of the great tonic herb Astragalus root, Astragaloside IV. It also is a rich dose of Resveratrol. You know about Resveratrol – it protects your tissues and organs, it helps self-healing throughout the body, and lengthens the life of every animal it has been tested on.

Safety, legality and drug testing

Serious athletes who perform in sanctioned events are generally subject to random recurrent drug testing. This is good. It protects the athletes and is an ethical approach to maintaining integrity in sports nutrition. We at Dragon Herbs have been working with world class athletes for over forty-five years. Hundreds of serious athletes who have consumed Dragon Herbs products (or earlier renditions) have been tested literally thousands of times. This continues to this day. Only once in all these years has one athlete been called out because he had a “performance enhancing drug” in his body. It was in the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, and it was due to the presence of Ginseng metabolites in his urine. For that very short window of time, Ginseng was prohibited, (reportedly because it was gaining high profile due to use by many Asian athletes), a status that was reversed for Ginseng just one year later (sadly for our athlete). Other than that, tonic herbs and superfoods that we offer have not triggered even one other sanction in all these years. Our herbalists will be happy to do research on the current status of our herbs and their constituents for you and your sport to be certain that you are “safe.”


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