Brain Protection - Gynostemma Leaf Products for the Brain

Gynostemma is well known in Asia for its youth preserving, mind protective functions. It is a powerful antioxidant and a world elite adaptogen, arguably superior to Eleuthero (Siberian Ginseng) and Goji. Dragon Herbs has been offering Gynostemma since before its inception, and even before all other current brands were offering it. The secret of our success with Gynostemma is the sourcing. We operate our own Gynostemma plantation deep inside Great Immortal Peak in southern China’s Wuyi Mountain range. It is extremely pristine, with no pollution, no human traffic, and is only fertilized by wild animals and mountain spring water that flows into the fields. Gynostemma contains over 100 gypenosides, phytochemicals similar to the ginsenosides in Ginseng.

Spring Dragon Longevity Drops - This is Dragon Herbs’ house tea, incredibly healthy source of antioxidants and adaptogenic saponins. Gynostemma is the herbal base into which 5 major tonic herb extracts have been supersaturated. A worldwide epidemiological study showed that the longest-lived people in the world live in the region where Gynostemma is the local tea drink. Note that Gynostemma leaf extract is in many Dragon Herbs tonic formulations, elixirs and teas – it is one of our trademark products.

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