Brain Protection - Reishi Spore Products for the Brain

The oil in Reishi mushroom spores has been shown to help protect dopaminergic neurons from neurotoxins.

Protector 2000 - This is a Reishi spore-based product, rich in Reishi spore oil, the essence of Reishi mushroom. The oil is specifically beneficial to the brain.

Super Pill No.1 - Every herb in this Super Pill™ has shown protective antioxidant activity in the brain.

Super Pill No.2 - Astragaloside IV, Resveratrol and He Shou Wu, three main constituents of Super Pill No.2, can protect dopaminergic neurons and support neurite outgrowth.

Super Pill No.3 - Super Pill No.3 is a microcirculation enhancer. The brain requires very good blood circulation in order to stay youthful and vibrant.

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