Year of the Dragon Celebration

Celebrate Year of the Dragon (2024) at Dragon Herbs!


Dragon Herbs was launched 24 years ago in 2000, also a Year of the Dragon. We have come a long way since our humble beginning at Ron and Yanlin’s Brentwood house (and garage). We could not have done it without the support and participation of our customers and friends.

To celebrate, we have put together a fun event full of activities and sensory wonders! Come join us and ring in the Year of the Dragon together, at our Beverly Hills / West Los Angeles store on Sunday, Feb 25th! See below for details and location.

Lion Dance Performance

Traditional Chinese New Year Celebration with Photo Ops and Lion Dance performance by Immortal Lion Dance Group.

Performers arrive at 1 pm to take photos with guests

At 1:30 pm, the performers will parade through the store and perform on the rear lot.

Lion Dance

Lion Dance Group


Watch and enjoy beautiful music performed by Bei Bei He, a world-renowned Zither player. The Chinese Zither instrument called Guzheng is a plucked string instrument with more than 2,500-year history. It was the most popular instrument in China.


Bei Bei Playing


Bei Bei He
Tea Tasting


Why simply drink when we can drink for health? Learn and taste our healthy and delicious Teas and Elixirs. Made of leaves, flowers, barks, and roots, you will surely discover “Your Cup of Tea” at our tea buffet!

Browse our intensive teas and herbs collection. Have our Senior Herbalists guide you to formulate your own "My Cup of Tee®" that is uniquely personalized to suit your taste and beneficial to your own body and health.

• My Cup of Tee®
• Herbal Teas
• Organic Teas
• Premium Loose Leaf Teas
• Blossom Teas
• Tonic Elixirs
• Tonic Cocktails


Tea Buffet


Collect up to 20 different retro Herb Stamps!



Herb Stamps Hunt
Red Envelopes

a.k.a. New Year Lucky Money Envelopes. Over 300 designs!

"Lucky money in red envelope" is one of the Chinese folk customs for celebrating the New Year. Usually, after the New Year's Eve dinner, elders would distribute the lucky money inside red envelopes, which they have prepared in advance, to the younger generation. This act symbolizes the elders' care and sincere blessings for the younger ones, hoping that they can pass the year peacefully with the lucky money.

The red envelope itself is a significant part of the lucky money tradition. Red represents fire and is a symbol of joy, happiness, success, and good fortune. The custom of giving red envelopes originates from another Chinese New Year legend about a demon named ‘Sui’. The mythical monster would come and pat children’s heads while they were sleeping, resulting in the children being scared and developing a high fever. Coins in a red envelope was then placed under children's pillows or at their feet to ward off the monster. When Sui appeared, the coins produced a powerful light that frightened the monster away. This gradually forming the custom of giving children the lucky money in red envelopes for blessings, warding off evils and avoiding disasters. In later generations, the lucky money in red envelopes symbolises people's hope for prosperity, health, and safety for their families in the new year. Today, other lucky colors are also being used in the envelope designs.


Fun for the whole family!

Spend the day with adorable bunnies, as we say goodbye to the Year of the Rabbit.



Bunny Pettin Zoo
Flower Arrangement


Fundraiser for our planet: 100% of the proceeds go towards fighting climate change


Build-Your-Own-Bouquet with dried natural flowers.

As an herbal company, Dragon Herbs is deeply indebted to Mother Nature. Every product we produce comes from the Earth. To support the health and longevity of Mother Nature, Dragon Herbs is promoting a unique collection of natural dried flowers and botanicals. They have been dried and treated to last for about 2 years. Thus, they are environmental friendly with extremely low carbon footprint. We can save 99% on water resource alone.

   Flower Event




Dragon Herbs
Beverly Hills / West Los Angeles

460 S. Robertson Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90048

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On the day of the event, our back parking lot will be closed. Please use the street parking available in the surrounding area. Free on Sundays.

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