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  1. Spry Toothpaste Peppermint
    • Innovative, healthy and natural toothpaste
    • All natural, sugar-free and dentist-approved
    • Made with xylitol which fights plaque
    • Formulated to maximize good oral health
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  2. Spry Mouthwash Coolmint
    • Uses the power of xylitol to fight against cavity-inducing bacteria
    • Keeps your mouth fresh and clean
    • Inhibits bacteria from sticking to teeth and gums
    • Impedes bacteria from producing acid
    • Initiates more salivary flow
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  3. Xylitol 2 lbs.
    • Sweet like sugar
    • Just 2.4 calories per gram
    • Doesn't require insulin to be metabolized
    • A delightfully refreshing cool taste
    • Dissolves quickly in liquid
    • Benefits teeth and digestive microbes
    • Helps modulate biofilm in the mouth and body
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