Liver Tonic

Liver Tonic

  • Supports liver functions
  • Supports healthy aging
  • Energizing
  • Supports immune functions
  • Made with major tonic herbs that also support the liver: Mountain Ant, Schizandra, Reishi, Goji berry, Chinese Mountain Yam and Gynostemma leaf
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Product Description

Liver Tonic contains six of the greatest tonic herbs used in Chinese tonic herbalism. All of the herbs are considered to be completely safe and non-toxic. These herbs support the body’s natural ability to regulate the Liver functions while supporting the tissues of the Liver. These herbs have general adaptogenic effects on the body, and simultaneously they have specific supporting benefits directly on the Liver. This formula may be used as both a Liver tonic and a general tonic. It may be used throughout one’s lifetime.* This formulation does not result in rapid detoxification. Over time, the Liver becomes more efficient at self-cleaning. Look at the formula — this is indeed a supertonic formula of the highest order.

Ingredients: Changbai Mountain Ants, Gynostemma leaf, Schizandra fruit, Duanwood Reishi fruiting body, Goji berries, Resveratrol, Baicalin (major active constituent in Scutellaria baicalensis), Chinese Yam rhizome.

Traditional Function
Nurtures the Liver, supports the Three Treasures. Enters the Liver, Kidney, Lungs and Heart channels. Direction is toward interior, while neutral in temperature.
Who can use it?
100 Capsules, 500mg each
Other Ingredients
Vegetarian capsules, Rice powder, Bamboo extract powder, Rice extract blend.
Take 3 capsules, 2 times per day or as directed by a healthcare professional.
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  1. "Really does help strengthen the body, tonify the liver which in turn helps detoxification"

    Megan, Powerful
  2. "I just finished my first bottle, and it has really helped restore my body's function. I feel good knowing I can trust Dragon Herbs ingredients."

    Lisa, Wonderful liver support

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