Dragon Herbs Production Superiority - Little Things Make a BIG Difference

• Advanced Digital Technology

Our factories utilize the most modern extraction and drying equipment in the world, including digitally controlled extraction, temperature and pressure regulators.


• Pullulan capsules

Not all veggie caps are of the same quality. Dragon Herbs uses pullulan PlantCaps®, the finest capsules ever invented. They are 100% vegan and are the most digestible of all capsules in the nutraceutical/ pharmaceutical industry (typical veggie caps are often hard-to-digest).


• Extraordinary excipients

All capsules require excipients to spray dry and encapsulate extracted powder. If a brand does not list an excipient on the label, they are misleading you. Typical excipients include magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide and wheat or corn-derived maltodextrin (often GMO). Dragon Herbs mostly uses bamboo powder, tapioca powder, brown rice powder, allnatural gum arabic and certified non-GMO French maltodextrin, as we believe these are the best excipients available.


• Oil Traps

All of our extraction tanks have “oil traps” that capture essential and aromatic oils so that they are not lost during production (many factories do not use oil traps). These critical oils end up in your capsule.


• Tincture methodology

We don’t just drip alcohol through the herbs for a couple of days. We do laboratory-style refluxcondensation extracting where the water and alcohol are circulated through the herbal material until all soluble components have been extracted.


• Recycling

Our factories are carbon-footprint conscious. For example our FITT factory has an almost 100% zero carbon footprint and recycles the herb “mark” to organic farms.


• Miron bottles where necessary

We use Miron violet bottles from Germany when herbs need special protection from sunlight. These violet bottles are highly protective.

Left: Digital controls at one of Dragon Herbs extraction factories. Middle: Yanlin and Yan Yin Pan inspect production records. Right: An ultra-modern extraction facility used by Dragon Herbs to make herbal extracts

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