Glass Tea & Elixir Maker Brewing Cup Mug with Yellow Handle, Strainer & Bamboo Lid 13.5 oz.

Glass Tea & Elixir Maker Brewing Cup Mug with Yellow Handle, Strainer & Bamboo Lid 13.5 oz.

  • Perfect way to brew tea for one.
  • Lab grade borosilicate glassware.
  • High thermal resistance, from -4 ºF to 302 ºF.
  • Non-reactive, can withstand high acidity and high alkalinity without deterioration.
  • Excellent optical clarity, easy to monitor ingredient levels.
  • Stain and scratch resistant.
  • Smooth edges and surfaces, easy to clean.
  • Reusable and long-lasting, will never warp.
  • Stovetop-safe material.
  • Clear glass strainer effectively filters tea-leaves, herbs, botanicals, and more.
  • High quality and beautiful gift choice for your family, friends and colleagues
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Product Description

Glass Tea Cup with Yellow Handle, Bamboo Lid, and Strainer is the perfect way to brew tea for one. This clear tea mug is hand-blown from food-grade high borosilicate glass, capable of withstanding thermal shock, scratch, and break resistant, Lead-free. Never worry about harmful substances leaching into your tea. You can rest assured that use. It is also BPA-free and can withstand extreme temperatures from -4°F to 302°F. The borosilicate glass is lightweight, but strong. It is stove-top safe, dishwasher safe and resistant to chemical corrosion.

To be able to watch your tea change color as it steeps is absolutely mesmerizing, especially with vibrant blends like teas with hibiscus (roselle) or Wuyi mushroom. This would make an excellent gift especially with one of those blossom teas. The thin glass strainer is removable. This allows you to save the tea leaves and steep them multiple times.

The Bamboo lid is used to cover the mug and keep it hot when brewing tea, but it also can be turned upside down to serve as a strainer holder to catch drips after brewing.

Note that this is a regular tea cup that comes with a strainer and lid that does not seal tightly, so it’s not suited for travel.

Lab Grade


From stovetop to desktop and tabletop. Our extremely heat resistant glass can be set directly on an open flame. From boiling the water to brewing the decoction to serving the tea, all can be done in the same glass pot.

WYSIWYG. What You See Is What You Get. You can now see and control what goes into your tea and its quality.

Easily monitored, instantly admired. The clear glass lets you watch your botanicals as they fully expand and freely dance inside the tea pot, ensuring a complete extraction. Meanwhile, the ultra-clear glass allows for easy monitoring of the brewing process and the full enjoyment of the beautiful botanicals.


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Save money and save the Earth. Steeping botanicals usually only brings out about 30-40% of the active ingredients, leaving a staggering amount of goodness behind. By returning the botanicals back to the stove and doing a 2nd and even 3rd extraction, we can possibly double the amount extracted, which means we can cut down our carbon footprint by up to 50%. Getting twice as much out of your botanicals also means you get to save 50% in cost.

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