In Search of the Ultimate Elixir

Yanlin and Ron Teeguarden travel extensively throughout China several times each year searching for superior quality tonic and supportive herbs, and looking for new and rare herbs. Ron is on the constant watch for ultimate elixirs. They go to remote mountains of Asia. They go to farms, factories, scientific institutes and universities. They go wherever they can to make certain that they are sourcing and producing the most exquisite products possible.

Because of this effort, Dragon Herbs has developed the most complete and powerful line of tonic herbal products in the world. They have found not only the best sources of famous Chinese herbs like Ginseng, Goji, Astragalus and He Shou Wu, but have also found extraordinary rare herbs like Duanwood Reishi, Tibetan Rhodiola, Heaven Mountain Snow Lotus, Reishi spores, and many others.

Dragon Herbs does not rely on brokers and middle men. In most instances, Dragon Herbs is involved in every step of the process, from seed to mouth.


Ron holds giant Reishi

Ron holds giant wild Reishi-related tree mushroom


Ron and Yanlin in Shanghai Mountain

Left: Ron and Yanlin in Changbai Mountain. Right: Yanlin shows Changbai Mountain Duanwood Reishi


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