“Moutai Recovery”

A high likelihood situation you might encounter while traveling would be a little extra alcohol consumption. You may benefit from some natural hangover support. We have suggested that you bring Poria Five Combination with you the reduce the effects of jet lag. That is actually a modern use of this great classic formula. He hope you take our advice. Traditionally, Poria Five Combination has been known as “the drinker’s friend.” Asian people are notorious for their over-consumption of liquor. They have great expertise in hangovers. Poria Five Combination is used to support normal circulation and to support the digestive system and kidney’s combined function of dispelling “dampness” from the body, alleviate blockage in the circulation and change of vital energy, water retention, headache, vomiting and thirst associated with over-drinking. Drink plenty of water with it.

Product Description

  1. Poria Five Combination
    • Supports healthy fluid metabolism
    • Supports healthy urinary function (diuretic)
    • Helps re-establish biorhythm when traveling
    • Jet lag support
    • Excellent hangover helper when consumed with plenty of water
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  2. OptDigest
    • Supports gastrointestinal function
    • Promotes stomach comfort
    • Relieves temporary stomach upset due to indigestion
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