Nasal Passage and Sinuses

Detoxifying these passages is extremely important to your health. Chinese herbs can help the body self-cleanse, and with a little help from a neti pot or modern sinus clearing device (or a good swim in some tropical sea water), you can have clear sinuses.

Magnolia Sinus - This ancient classic formula is a formidable and reliable sinus cleansing formula.

Perilla Clear - This formula is composed of major tonic herbs that support upper respiratory earth, plus the powdered oil of a special variety of Perilla seed. The seed has been shown to help cleanse the sinuses.

Product Description

  1. Magnolia Sinus
    • Assists breathing
    • Helps open blocked nasal passages
    • Made with safe non-addictive herbal extracts
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  2. Perilla Clear
    • Supports clear breathing
    • Features freeze dried Perilla Seed Oil
    • Helps modulate the immune system
    • Full complement of adaptogenic herbs support long term healthy aging
    • Tonifies All Three Treasures
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  3. Xlear Nasal Wash Spray
    • Alleviates congestion and prevents bacteria from sticking to nasal tissue
    • Uses xylitol to cleanse and moisturize
    • Promotes upper respiratory health
    • Easy to use spray
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