Supporting Skin Beauty from the Inside Out

Latin: Margarita

PinYin: Zhen Zhu

Main active constituents: Conchiolin, calcium carbonate, amino acids and trace minerals




Our pearl powder is made from pure cultivated fresh water pearls. Pearl’s active constituents are preserved and made bio-available in the traditional painstaking water levigation process (grinding in water using a porcelain ball) that lasts 2 days and 2 nights.

•  Supports skin beauty from the inside out

•  Supports skin’s natural renewal process

•  A treasure bank of natural trace elements from a living organism

•  Supports heart health

•  Supports bone integrity and renewal

•  Supports the growth of
children’s teeth and bones 

•  Supports visual acuity 

•  Calms the central nervous system

•  Improves sleep quality

•  Helps calm renegade emotions and promotes peacefulness and steadiness

•  Traditionally used to enhance wisdom

The fresh water pearls used to make Pearl powder should be small - the smaller the better.

Pearl was made especially famous as a beauty tonic by the Dowager Empress Ci Xi, the de-facto last ruler of China’s Qing Dynasty for almost 50 years.

Empress Ci Xi consumed one silver spoon of pearl before bedtime for most of her adult life. In a memoir written by her personal assistant, she was described to have “the skin of a young girl” even in her sixties. Being the actual ruler, she used her administrative power to set up an institute that conducted research on Pearl and other anti-aging materials and prepared all kinds of herbal formulations to satisfy her desire for eternal youth and immortality. She adored pearls so much that she was accompanied by more than 30,000 pearls on her way to the other world, with the largest pearl directly in her mouth.

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