Pearl Powder – 100 g

Pearl Powder – 100 g

  • Fine powder promotes healthy skin and eyesight
  • Nurtures muscle development and blood circulation
  • Supports and calms Shen
  • While also available in capsule form, powder is great for smoothies and blender blasts
  • Fine powder allows easy absorption by digestive tract or by skin
  • Produced by grinding clean freshwater Pearls into powder particles just nanometers in diameter
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Product Description

Pearl powder is produced by grinding clean freshwater Pearls until the powder particles are just microns in diameter, which allows them to be easily absorbed by the digestive tract or through the skin. We offer Pearl Powder in capsule form, but many of our clients wish for it in bulk so they can use it readily and economically in smoothies and blender blasts.

Ingredients: Levigated Fresh Water Pearl powder

Traditional Function
Supports & calms Shen; great source for rich minerals, nurtures & promotes healthy skin, eyesight, muscle development & blood circulation
Who can use it?
3.53 oz. (100g)
Add 1 teaspoon per serving in warm/hot water or blended with other natural ingredients in a blender at high speed.
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  1. "I love this product! It tastes soft and silky, therefore, I like to combine it in powder form with hot drinks with creamer. I feel calmer and my grounded when using it. Highly recommended! "

    JAMIE, Delicious and calming
  2. "Great for use in smoothies ,coffee, tea, hot cocoa and also to add to a skin oil or moisturiser, and apply externally for beautiful skin. "

    Megan, Beauty and Shen

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