Story of the Dragon

Dragon Collage

In Asia the Dragon is a great, benevolent, divine creature. The Dragon is revered as the embodiment of strength and goodness. The Dragon symbolizes generosity, altruism, and charitableness. The Dragon is the protector of divine treasure.

Hidden in the caverns of inaccessible mountains, or coiled in the depths of the sea, the Dragon awaits the time when it slowly rouses itself into activity. The Dragon unfolds itself in the storm clouds. It rinses its mane in whirlpools. Its claws are unleashed and revealed in the fork of the lightning. Its scales glisten in the bark of rain-swept pine trees. The voice of the Dragon is heard in the storm and in scattering the withered leaves of the forest — it hastens a new spring. 

Indeed, the Dragon is the symbol of renewal and regeneration. The Dragon is the spirit of change and wields the power of transformation. The Dragon is therefore the spirit of life itself. 

We thus take the sacred Asian Dragon as our emblem. The superior herbs are indeed the great transformative source of power and bounty that we are all knowingly or unknowingly seeking. 

The Dragon has the power to become visible or invisible. The Dragon shows itself to the worthy. You have the power to see the Dragon. 

            Do you choose to see the Dragon? 

                       Better, do you dare to BE the Dragon?

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