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Tao In A Bottle

Turn Stress Into Success

  • Relax and adapt

  • Fast acting and cumulative

  • Survive and thrive

  • A complete stress management strategy in one bottle 

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A reasonable amount of stress is good for us. Too much stress kills.

Stress challenges us to act in creative and resourceful ways, and it motivates us to do our best.

However, too much stress can harm our emotional and physical health and as the saying goes, "Stress kills."




Stress is relative.

The same amount of stress will be felt differently by different people. Most successful people have more stress in their life and can handle more stress. Success and stress often go hand in hand. The good news is, stress resilience can be nurtured by practicing different life techniques and by taking adaptogenic herbs. 

Fight or flight, our innate stress response mechanism is putting us into a severe energy overdraft. 

Humans were once regularly at risk of being attacked by wild animals or hostile people. Our bodies still respond to threats by secreting chemicals that trigger a set of physiological changes in the body and thus enhance our ability to run away or defend ourselves. This is our stress response, called “fight or flight.” It includes intense stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system and the adrenal glands resulting in increased respiration rates and higher blood pressure and blood sugar levels as well as increased heart rate and force of contractions.  At the same time, there is a decrease in digestive secretions. In cases of acute stress, the situation is often resolved quickly, and normal physiology returns. However,  if stress is prolonged or chronic, the body’s calls-to-continuous-action becomes detrimental.  The body expends a great amount of energy keeping itself in a heightened state of readiness. When weakened by prolonged stress, the body’s ability to maintain homeostasis can be compromised, and illness can, and most likely will result. Modern day stressors are mostly chronic and neither fight nor flight is the correct way to respond to stress any more.  

 Fight Or Flight


A complete stress management strategy in one bottle

The dual-action stress fighting approach:
defense and offense, relax and adapt



L-theanine is the ingredient in Tao in a Bottle that allows the body to relax under stress without the damaging effects of fight or flight. L-theanine is an amino acid found naturally only in green tea. 50% of tea’s amino acid is L-theanine. L-theanine counterbalances the stimulatory effect of caffeine. This really sets tea apart from coffee. Coffee does not contain L-theanine and can be excessively stimulating, resulting in jitteriness. Tea is a stimulant, yet, it is also a relaxant at the same time. Sufficient consumption of L-theanine promotes a sense of relaxation and serenity that is usually experienced by accomplished practitioners of yoga, meditation and Qi Gong after practicing their respective arts. A typical cup of tea contains about 10 mg of L-theanine. L-theanine is clearly part of the magic of tea, far and away the world’s most popular beverage after water. Tao in a Bottle contains 100 mg of L-theanine in each capsule.  


Modern day stressors are mostly chronic and neither fight nor flight is the correct way to repspond to stress anymore


Adaptability is the measure of life. Adaptability is the ability to adapt to stress and changes in one’s environment. The ability to adapt optimally is a key to survival and success, and the inability to adapt will ultimately result in failure, discomfort, disease and death. The adaptogens are proven entities for fighting stress. They demonstrate a nonspecific enhancement of the body’s ability
to resist a stressor. Adaptogenic herbs are extremely beneficial.

Adaptogenic herbs help us maintain balance under stressful circumstances and recover from stress more quickly and effectively. They protect us from many of the influences in nature that cause us to age more quickly, including pollution, radiation, toxins, and the free radicals caused by stress. All of the adaptogenic herbs used in Tao in a Bottle have been shown to help regulate and modulate immune responses, essentially supporting the immune system from both ends of the spectrum. These herbs support immunological responsiveness. A strong, balanced and adaptive immune system is a prerequisite for glowing health.

Most products on the market for stress management only perform a sedation function. Tao in a Bottle is the only product that addresses
the stress management with both a defensive approach of relaxation and an offensive approach of conquering the stress by enhancing
the body’s adaptive ability.


Tao in a Bottle is fast acting and its effects are cumulative.

Most people feel an effect within 30 to 40 minutes. When you take the

adaptogenic herbs every day, the effects are actually cumulative,

enhancing your overall stress resilience and your capacity to handle stress at all times.


Magu On Tiger

What Is Tao


How much stress is in your life?

So many things can contribute to the stress in your life that it is hard to measure your stress load. A major cause of stress is the need to adapt to changes. One measure of how much stress you are dealing with is to look at the past year and think of how many changes you have faced. Psychiatrists Thomas Holmes and Richard Rahe developed a tool for measuring stressful life changes, commonly known as the Social Readjustment Rating Scale. 

Check your stress level by completing the inventory below. Each item has a point value next to it. Go down the list and check the items that apply to you, then total your score. 

(100) Death of a spouse

(73) Divorce

(65) Marital separation 

(63) Spending time in jail or another institution

(63) Death of a close family member (other than a spouse)

(53) Major personal injury or illness

(50) Marriage 

(47) Loss of employment 

(45) Getting back together with a spouse after a separation

(45) Retirement

(44) Major change in family member’s health

(44) Major change in financial status

(40) Pregnancy

(39) Sexual difficulties

(39) Gaining a new family member (birth, adoption, or older child moving back home)

(39) Business readjustment (merger, bankruptcy, restructuring)

(37) Death of a close friend

(36) Change to different line of work

(35) Change in number of marital arguments

(31) New mortgage or loan over $20,000

(30) Foreclosure on a mortgage or loan 

(29) Change in work responsibilities (promotion, demotion, lateral transfer)

(29) Oldest child leaving home

(29) Trouble with in-laws

(28) Outstanding personal achievement 

(26) Spouse begins or stops work outside the home

(26) Starting school, graduating, or dropping out of school

(25) Major change in living conditions (major remodeling, change in condition of home or neighborhood)

(24) Major change in personal habits (dress, manners, associations)

(23) Trouble with a boss

(20) Major change in working hours or conditions 

(20) Change in residence 

(20) Change in school

(19) Major change in recreational habits

(18) Major change in church activities (a lot more or less than usual)

(18) Major change in social activities (a lot more or less than usual, change in types of activities)

(17) New mortgage or loan for under $20,000

(16) Major change in sleeping habits (sleeping a lot more or less than usual or change in the time of day)

(15) Major change in number of family gatherings

(15) Major change in eating habits

(13) Vacation 

(12) Holiday season 

(11) Minor violations of the law (traffic tickets, disturbing the peace)

Stress Scoring


Tao In A Bottle Ingredients

1. 50% of tea’s amino acid is theanine, unique to the tea plant.

2. Tao in a Bottle offers enough L-theanine for you to feel calm and clear within 30 to 40 minutes. It will take 10 cups of tea to achieve what 1 capsules of Tao in a Bottle can offer.

Tao In A Bottle Ingredients

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