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Why simply drink when we can drink for health?

About 70% of our body is made up of water. The liquid we must consume each day provides a great opportunity to better our health, slowly and cumulatively. Mass marketed teas are economical and convenient. However, when it comes to a perfect cup of tea, they generally fall short.

In Herbalism, customizing a health solution is based on the person’s conditions, the timing and the environment. The same principle can and should be applied to tea and elixir drinking.

My Cup of Tea® (MCOT®)

My Cup of Tee® is a line of ingredients that allows you to customize your teas and elixirs so every cup is precisely “your cup of tea.” Leaves, flowers, fruits, barks and roots - you name it. The botanical kingdom is at your disposal.

Our “customization” offerings allow you to personalize more than just the taste. Flavor, function, color, and appearance, every aspect can be tailored to fit your health, mood and taste buds.

Designing your own “My Cup of Tee®”


Many tonic herbs can be decocted into potent delicious elixir decoctions. Only herbs that meet six specific qualifications over many centuries are considered tonic herbs. That is how we choose what herbs to include in our My-Cup-of-Tee® line.

  1. Have anti-aging characteristics
  2. Have broad and profound health-promoting actions
  3. Help balance our emotional and psychic energy
  4. “Do no harm.” Have no negative side-e  ects even when taken continuously over a long period of time
  5. Taste good enough to be consumed directly and are easily digestible
  6. Contain at least one of the Three Treasures: Jing, Qi and/or Shen (life’s three primary energies)

There are 5 easy steps in designing a perfect “my cup of tea.” These steps are just guidelines. You can stay with a simple base as your tea or you can go all out and pick multiple choices in each step – or somewhere in between. Hey, this is YOUR tea, you decide how basic or complex it should be.


Pick the base(s)

All forms of the traditional tea, Camellia sinensis, serve as a great base. There are also exotic and wonderful botanicals such as Bamboo Leaves and Snow Chrysanthemum. Our house tea, Spring Dragon Longevity Tea, has served as the base to many elixirs in our retail elixir bars for the past two decades with great success. We have denoted the botanicals that can be used as the base in a tea with this Base symbol.


Pick the function(s)

Every botanical in our MCOT® line is “functional.” Their functions are described on their respective pages. You can also use our tonic herbal extracts (Dragon Drops™ and eeTee® cold brew instant granules) to give your tea a functional boost. They are convenient, super potent and professionally extracted using methodologies that cannot be replicated in a home setting.


Pick the flavor(s) and garnish(es)

Use fresh fruits or freeze-dried fruits. Most tonic herbs are both functional and flavorful. For sweetness, check out our Sweet Collection, 6 different kinds of natural healthy sweeteners called Sweetfruit Drops that have zero calories, are low in glycemic index, and high in health-supporting value. Some of them contain exquisite herbal essential oils (super critical CO2 extraction). You can also mineralize and electrify your My Cup of Tee® with Di Tao sea salts. They are so rich in essential and trace minerals (50 or more) that just a tiny pinch in any drink (coffee, tea, elixir…) will instantly add depth and breadth to any flavor profile.


Pick your extraction method

The proper way of extracting the botanicals depends on what you have picked for your cup of tea. Flowers, fruits and leaves can usually be brewed by adding them to boiled or hot water while the stems, barks and roots may require decocting (boiling over a heat source). Regardless of the method, our collection of various Glass Tea Elixir Makers are the one pot that can do it all: boil, brew, decoct and serve – and put on a beautiful show. Check out our new Portable Infrared Burner. It is a perfect tea stove.


Serve hot or cold

Teas can be kept warm on our Candle Warmer or Portable Infrared Burner. If you are interested in serving the teas with some extra flare, we have a wide collection of tea pots, tea cups and mugs.

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81 items

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