Tea for Meditation

Zen and other spiritual practices often consume tea before meditation. Tea promotes relaxed focus and attention without excessive stimulation and without causing drowsiness. It must be superior grade, mountain grown tea to be effective. Great tea is especially useful for those who tend to get drowsy and also for those who get fidgety. Of course, tea promotes concentration, a key to successful meditation.

Product Description

  1. Ceremonial Matcha
    • The same exquisite Matcha tea used for centuries in tea ceremonies and at Zen temples in Japan
    • Great Shen tonic and antioxidant
    • Supports mental clarity
    • Smooth, balanced, delicately sweet flavor and pleasant green aftertaste
    • Certified Organic
    • Certified Kosher, Halal, Gluten-Free and Non-GMO
    • Potent antioxidant
    • Ultra-fine powder
    • Highest L-theanine content
    • Very rich, smooth flavor
    • Subtle, flavor when used as an ingredient in blender drinks
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  2. 21 Year Old Pu Erh
    • Certified organic loose-leaf tea produced in 1995 and aged for over 21 years
    • Promotes healthy aging
    • Helps digestion
    • Simultaneously gently stimulating and sublimely calming.
    • Aged by the traditional method of natural fermentation
    • From trees estimated 100 years to over 500 years old
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  3. Green eeTee in Jar
    • The best tasting instant green tea ever
    • Tea connoisseurs cannot tell that this is instant tea (because it is phytochemically identical)
    • Identical phytochemical profile to freshly brewed green tea
    • Truly instant – makes a clear tea in seconds
    • Dissolves in hot or cold water
    • Take it with you while you’re out and about or travelling
    • Excellent base for sports drinks
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  4. Organic Dragon Well Green Tea
    • The most famous green tea from China
    • Certified Organic
    • Light and fragrant taste
    • It produces a decoction that is clear with a bright green color
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  5. Organic Green Tea
    • Organically grown, carefully handpicked and minimally processed
    • Cooling
    • Strong antioxidant activity
    • Detoxifying
    • Clears the mind and brightens Shen
    • Benefits the liver and helps boost creativity
    • Harvested from the misty and mystical Wuyi Mountains of Fujian Province, China
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  6. Organic White Tea
    • Produced from 100% leaf buds (versus mature leaves)
    • Sweet, smooth and silky tea
    • Certified Organic
    • Gentle, hands-only handling
    • Only picked two days out of the year
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  7. Organic Oolong Tea
    • Mild fermentation removes tannins, which are substances present in green tea that can cause discomfort in sensitive stomachs
    • Has easy-on-the-stomach digestibility and pleasantly robust, full-bodied flavor
    • Organic Oolong Tea is one of the best and most famous teas in the world
    • Grown in the Wuyi Mountains and hand picked
    • Skillfully fermented the traditional way
    • Beautiful amber hue
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  8. Pu Erh Tea Cakes
    • Pu Erh tea is a dark tea that has been around for centuries
    • Long celebrated by royalty and literati
    • Currently in China and throughout Asia, Pu Erh tea has become a go-to gourmet tea for health-conscious people
    • This Pu Erh has been pressed into small tea cakes for easy carrying and use
    • Pu Erh tea positively affects one’s quality of life on a number of levels
    • Pu Erh is a special kind of tea made a very old-fashioned way
    • Believed to be very beneficial to metabolic, cardiovascular and cognitive functions
    • As a tonic for energy and beauty, it stands in the highest regard
    • As a refreshing, digestive and a meditative brew, it stands topmost among the teas of China, and in fact the world
    • Pu Erh comes from the boreal forests of northwest Yunnan, the motherland of tea, situated in a mountainous area at high elevation
    • Growing in this forest are semi-wild and wild old big-leaf tea trees, a specific cultivar of tea tree that when mature has large thick leaves
    • Only trees that grow in Yunnan can be called “Pu Erh” – Yunnan is thus the only Di Tao (authentic) source of Pu Erh tea in the world
    • Dragon Herbs Pu Erh is made from these authentic Pu Erh tea trees
    • Processed gently through long fermentation
    • Highly beneficial
    • Facilitates digestion
    • Beneficial to the cardiovascular system
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