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Best herbs and professional services in the State of California.

– J.d. Reed   November 2018 

Trusted quality and herbalist on hand to direct you to the best best herbs for the best outcome... LOVE Ron Teegarden hebs... i wont be without... magu's treasure /secret , super adaptogen and red Ant...

– Cindy Ewing   September 2018

I have been using herbs for years. After beating lymphoma with chemo and a ton of herbs, I prefer the best and Dragon Herbs has the very best. Haven't been disappointed with any order. My parents who are in their 80's use Dragon Herbs.

– Aldea Simon   September 2018

I tell people to give alternatives a go onstead of western medicines. In particular I recommend adaptagens. I refer them to Dragon Herbs as I believe your products to be the best quality available.

– Josie Poduti   September 2018

I was impressed by the variety and help making selection Organic products · Knowledgeable staff

– Evelyn Haungs   January 2018

I recently discovered Dragon Herbs after enduring years of Pharma hell, and didn’t even realize how much they’ve affected me (quite negatively), until I started cleansing myself. In 2004, I developed Crohn’s Disease after using Vioxx, so over the years I’ve tried a dangerous mix of an array of toxic drugs, which told my mind, body & soul to shut up and just eat the poison. Even well after stopping those miserable pills, I was suffering from the residue toxins lingering in my system, until I started using Coriolus drops, which changed my life and whole outlook on life. I wanted to find health so bad, and it seemed nothing could take away the damage done to my body from those drugs. So, I thank the Creator I kept looking and that I found Dragon Herbs, because now I can really heal my body right and live healthy, happily with longevity. Those pills took from me what Dragon Herbs gave back. Much Love ♥️

– Alicia Smith   October 2018

I visited this place a couple times the gnostemma tea is so good yes a bit pricey but if you have some health concerns and want a second opinion with natural alternatives this would be the place to try out

– Vanessa Yslas   February 2018

The best herbalists you'll find. :)

– Jonathan Hirshon   August 2018

I have been using dragon herbs against other competitors for years and the results are in! Dragon herbs is always the best highest quality!! Absolutely amazed that we get the opportunity to have these from the creator. What a wonderful company. Thank you Ron for being who you are and insisting on quality over everything else.

– Kyler Self   October 2017

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