Reviews from our amazing customers via Dragon Herbs' Facebook page

Amazing quality herbs! The staff are very educated, polite, helpful and knowledgeable. Honestly I have never been disappointed with anything I have ever purchased. My expectations are always surpassed, and then some.

– Megan Catherine Lindsey   April 2016

Stopped in the Santa Monica store today and Stephanie was very helpful!! Thank you for taking the time to listen to me and help me out!! Much appreciated!! My 2 1/2 hour drive was worth it!! Thank you again!

– Cari Ann   February 2015

I've bought from Dragon Herbs for several years and am always impressed with the quality and selection of products. I had the opportunity to purchase the Tai Ji Ginseng and that was the most astounding product I've had. Thank you.

– Becky Snell   October 2017

If theres only one supplement to choose this would be... tonic herbs are simply amazing, almost unbelieveble the force they have <3

– Roberto Soto   December 2015

I love it all! I hear about this brand from all of my top sources.

– Kristen Adair   January 2017

Always great customer service and Always great products. Thank you. I hope to see you Ron at the Longevity Wellness Wellness conference in April.

– Ann Wade   February 2018

There is an exciting new trend going on. Herbs not pills and healing by getting to the heart of this genius result of Dragon Herbs founder. A revolution, I do believe.

– Toren Anderson   July 2014

I just ordered reishi the product is very good! And the price of shipping is cheap and time of delivery is quick!

– Kenly Gallagher   January 2016

My life has changed since learning about super herbs and medicinal mushrooms...they will forever be apart of my life.

– Kym Lambert   October 2015

These products are amazing, truly amazed, I feel like a new person.

– Tanner Ayoob  February 2018

Love my products, thank you so much... I just started taking them and I can already feel the changes.

– Isabell Venegas  March 2016

Absolutely love the spring dragon longevity tea. Amazing.

– Kris Arnot  March 2018

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