Reviews from our amazing customers via Dragon Herbs' Facebook page

Dragon Herbs is my favorite store in LA. I go there every chance I get.

– Ganga Nath   November 2015

Love you guys!!! This place is a wonderland of tonic herbs! The staff was so knowledgable. Plan to come back every time I'm in LA!

– Sabrina Ourania   October 2014

I started using Dragon Herbs back in December and I am truly hooked! Many Thanks!

– Emey Kolb   April 2017

Excellent quality products. Huge selection of things too! I highly recommend you check them out!

– Brendan Hogan   September 2016

Been using their herbs for over 10yrs now...GREAT STUFF

– Christian John   April 2018

These herbs have changed my life. I feel strong again... I would recommend to everyone!

– Tessa Urrea   November 2015

Shilajit not only makes every tea I consume so much enhancing, but I also love throwing a shot or two in my smoothies!

– Kevin Garcia   September 2013

been using for years. Incredible products and service

– Ilan Irie   June 2017

Outstanding, I wish we had a store like this in South Carolina for sure!.

– Nicole Pemberton   October 2016

The Tonic Alchemy blend is a blessing

– Michael Andrew O'Boyle   May 2014

The Best Place on the Planet to purchase Herbs! Ron is Great

– David Broad   December 2014

Tonic Alchemy LOVE :) Thank you Dragon Herbs!

– Ally Hart   July 2014

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