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Tonic herbs can change your life!

What is a “tonic herb?”

The term “herb” is used more broadly in Asia than it is in the West. In Asian tradition the term “herbs” refers to botanicals, just as it does in the West. But the term also includes natural minerals (from earth and sea), and it includes some animal products that have known functions, such as Deer Antler. 99% of Dragon Herbs ingredients are botanical. A few are natural minerals and a few are derived from animals. Those who do not wish to avail themselves of animal-sourced ingredients can easily skip them. 98% of our products are vegan. We even use vegan excipients like bamboo and tapioca to make our powders, and astoundingly easy-to-digest vegan (pullulan) capsules to deliver them. In a few instances we use maize, but we only use organically grown maize, which by definition is non-GMO (US regulations forbid the use of GMO ingredients in “organic” products). Of course, we shun all GMOs and adulterated or contaminated ingredients.

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