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Dragon Herbs believes the Three Treasures of tonic herbalism, Jing, Qi, Shen, should be equilibrated throughout our body, mind, and environment. Therefore, besides creating comprehensive tonic supplements, we are expanding this philosophy into our dermal sera to nourish the largest organ in our body, the skin. We also enriched the formula with 100% pure Reishi Spore Oil to make this dermal sera a supreme skin nutritive protector. All sera are packaged in Miron Violet Glass Apothecary Bottles to enhance the bio-energy and prevent deterioration of function of the products.

Qi for Men Dermal Serum - Qi for Men is a most comprehensive natural Jing tonic for the skin. The elixir starts with Kings of the herbs, Chinese ginseng and Deer Antler tips, adding Tongkat Ali tonic, creating a traditional health boosting basis for the skin. Then we add modern extracts of Astragaloside IV and 99% resveratrol compounds to create a scientific reparative scheme for the skin against the harsh environment. This formula provides ultimate protection for every man’s skin. Herbal IngredientsPure Reishi Spore Oil, Wild Chinese ginseng extract powder, Deer Antler tips extract powder, Tongkat Ali herb extract powder, Astragaloside IV extract powder, 99% Resveratrol extract powder.

Shen Dermal Serum - This Shen Dermal Serum is a dermal elixir suitable for women of all age groups (men can use it too). It is a beauty tonic used for thousands of years in imperial courts throughout Asia, combining Himalayan Snow Lotus and Freshwater Pearl powder. Pearl’s legend of being the ultimate beauty tonic has been proved with modern science. Snow Lotus grows at an altitude above 18,000 feet and is a natural adaptogen for the skin. This elixir blend will give your skin the best natural radiance. Herbal Ingredients: Pure Reishi Spore Oil, Pearl powder, Snow Lotus extract powder.

Reishi Spore Oil Moisturizing Face Cream - Reishi Spore Oil is the ultimate essence of Reishi. It is extracted by cracking Reishi spores to make it easily absorbed by the body, including skin. Reishi is the symbol for longevity in Asian history; and its active constituents and function in immune boosting and health promoting has been proven using modern research. By adding Reishi spore oil into a rich natural oil base, we created a one of a kind face cream for everyday use for every skin type. Herbal Ingredients: Pure Reishi Spore Oil, Apple (Pyrus malus) extract, Shea Butter, Aloe Vera leaf juice, Undaria Algae extract, Pomegranate fruit extract, Grape seed extract, Carrot seed extract, Yuzu oil

Product Description

  1. Jing Serum Dermal Elixir 1 fl. oz.
    • Beauty tonic that deeply nourishes, protects, & replenishes the skin
    • Restores the “essence” of the skin as a living, breathing tissue
    • Gives skin the essence it needs for healthy growth and metabolism
    • Uses powerful traditional Jing (essence) herbs
    • Made with Deer Placenta, Resveratrol, Reishi Spore Oil, He Shou Wu and Goji
    • Very suitable for aging or weathered skin and to protect younger skin
    • New Zealand Deer Placenta has a rich natural hyaluronic acid content of over 300mg/kg
    • Contains silk amino acids, Calendula flower extract, Cucumber extract, Dead Sea salt, and vitamin C
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  2. Qi Serum Dermal Elixir 1 fl. oz.
    • Beauty tonic that protects against oxidative stress
    • Promotes skin rejuvenation and moisture balance
    • Rejuvenating formula for the skin using Schizandra berries, 80% Gypenosides from Gynostemma leaves and Fucoxanthin from Laminaria seaweed
    • Schizandra locks moisture to the skin
    • Gynostemma and Fucoxanthin fend off harmful oxidative stress from UV radiation
    • Provides a natural shield for healthy radiant skin
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  3. Shen Serum Dermal Elixir 1 fl. oz.
    • Beauty serum that is deeply restorative and promotes radiant skin
    • Cooling, clearing, calming and oxidation-protective
    • Used for thousands of years in imperial courts throughout Asia
    • Combining Himalayan Snow Lotus and Freshwater Pearl powder
    • This elixir blend will give your skin the best natural radiance
    • Great for women and men of all ages
    • Provides world class adaptogens directly to the skin
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  4. Reishi Spore Oil Intensive Moisturizing Cream Dermal Elixir
    • Made with pure Reishi Spore Oil, the essence of the “mushroom of immortality”
    • One of a kind face cream promotes healthy skin aging
    • Optimally moisturizes, protects and replenishes the skin
    • Enhances and maintains skin health
    • Reishi Spore Oil is immune boosting and health promoting
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  5. Men's Serum
    • Made for men with ultimate grade tonic herbs
    • Promotes healthy skin rejuvenation and restoration
    • Optimally protects from environmental challenges
    • Chinese Ginseng, Deer Antler Tips, and Tongkat Ali extract are potent tonics that provide a natural health-boosting basis for the skin
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