Ashitaba Powder – 100 g

Ashitaba Powder – 100 g

  • A potent superfood known in Japan as the “King of Vegetables from Longevity Island”
  • Organically grown and freeze dried immediately after harvest
  • Contains chalcone, which purifies blood, strengthens the immune system and promotes metabolism
  • Very potent antioxidant
  • Extract powder provided in protective, easily accessible pouch
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Product Description

Ashitaba (Angelica keiskei) is known in Japan as the “King of Vegetables from Longevity Island.” Ashitaba is a world-famous superfood from Okinawa Island, home of one of the longest living populations on earth, where many people live to extreme healthy longevity. The name Ashitaba literally means “Leaves of Tomorrow” in the Japanese language. It got this name because of its remarkably strong life force – when you pick its leaves today, new tender leaves will sprout tomorrow. Ashitaba contains a rare phytochemical called “chalcone.” According to Japanese researchers, chalcone purifies blood, strengthens the immune system and promotes metabolism. Ashitaba is a very potent antioxidant that generates SOD (the human body’s own natural antioxidant). Ashitaba is one of the few plants in the world that contains phytochemicals that stimulate nerve growth factor (NGF), a substance that stimulates the re-growth of nerve tissue in higher animals, including brain tissue. NGF is a biological substance produced in the human body that is essential in the development and survival of certain neurons in both the central and peripheral nervous systems. NGF is the most potent growth factor for cholinergic neurons. It is the most important regulator of proliferation, differentiation, survival and death of neuronal cells. Signals emanating from NGF receptors help control practically all aspects of immune defense. And NGF has been connected to the ability to feel love. Dragon Herbs Ashitaba is organically grown and is freeze dried immediately upon harvesting to protect its constituents. Add a teaspoon or more of Dragon Herbs Ashitaba Powder to your blender drink each day.

Ingredients: Pure Ashitaba (Angelica keiskei) leaf powder

Traditional Function
Tonifies all three Treasures, tonifies all organs, benefits immunity, metabolism, cardiovascular functions, liver and nerves.
Who can use it?
3.53 oz. (100g)
Add 1 tsp. to 8 oz. warm/hot water or blend with other natural ingredients in a blender at high speed.
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