Bamboo Treasure Shelf

Bamboo Treasure Shelf

  • Organize your home or office elixir bar
  • Maximize your counter/shelf space with this 3-tier bamboo shelf
  • Designed by Yanlin Teeguarden specifically for herbal supplement bottles
  • Each tier is 2¼" tall so the front rows do not block the back rows
  • 2 drawers to store small miscellaneous goodies, one at the front and one in the back.
Item No: 1416


Product Description

This small bamboo shelf was designed by Yanlin Teeguarden to stock your tonic products in a stylish easy-to-use manner. It is elegant and highly functional. Each tier is 6” tall so the front rows do not block the back rows. 2 drawers for your miscellaneous goodies.-9

Who can use it?
3 Tiers. 8
Display your herbal treasures.
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