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  1. Pearl Shen
    • Ultimate grade Shen tonic formulation
    • Helps to develop a peaceful attitude
    • Supports mental strength and clarity
    • Based on ancient Taoist principles
    • Made with awesome premium quality herbs
    • Duanwood Reishi, Amber Powder, Pearl Powder, Spirit Poria, Albizia flower and other premium herbs
    • Superb for those who seek spiritual well-being
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  2. Life Essentials
    • Dragon Herbs’ complete, advanced, superfood-enhanced multi-vitamin
    • Contains a well-balanced B-vitamin profile
    • Potent dosages of antioxidants, like vitamins A, C and E, Selenium and Zinc
    • Contains OptiZinc, a highly absorbable form of Zinc to support antioxidant enzymes, prostate, and much more
    • Contains ChromeMate® chromium (chromium polynicotinate), an oxygen-coordinated niacin-bound chromium complex
    • Provides the support of whole-food nutrients not found in a typical multivitamin
    • Contains Bee Pollen, Siberian Ginseng extract and Garlic
    • Contains superfood concentrates including Spirulina, Barley Grass, Chlorella, Wheat Grass and Wheat Sprout juice, providing chlorophyll, a variety of carotenoids and many co-factors and nutrients
    • Contains Oat Bran and Apple Pectin, excellent prebiotic fibers
    • Contains a variety of enzymes
    • Promotes healthy body weight and normal energy production
    • Vegetarian mini-tablet
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  3. Calcium and Magnesium
    • A high quality calcium/magnesium formula
    • Features calcium and magnesium in their “citrate” form, which is believed to be the most absorbable form of these essential minerals
    • Supports bone health
    • Vitamins D and K plus Boron are added as synergistic support of the calciu
    • Calcium & Magnesium Citrates provide 750 mg of calcium per serving (4 tablets as recommended dosage serving size).
    • Some other calcium supplements use a high dosage of calcium per tablet or capsule. However, if the form of calcium isn’t well absorbed by the body, it does not truly deliver the proper benefit.
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  4. Children's Chewable Multi with Probiotics
    • Vegetarian multivitamin and mineral supplement for children
    • Supports immune system, growth and development, gastrointestinal and immune health
    • Provides vitamin D3, vitamin C, zinc, chelated minerals and 3 strains of probiotics
    • Delicious cherry flavor
    • Sweetened with xylitol for added benefits to immune system and to teeth
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  5. Goji LBP-40
    • Exquisite full spectrum Goji extract
    • Potentized to 40% Lycium Barbarum Polysaccharides (LBPs), the main active constituent-fraction of Goji berries
    • Goji is both a superfood and a super-tonic herb that supports healthy aging
    • Supports eyes and vision
    • One of the world’s most potent natural antioxidants
    • Rich in a unique form of vitamin C, 2-O-(beta-D-Glucopyranosyl)-ascorbic acid, that is highly active in the human body
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  6. Pearl Powder
    • The premiere beauty enhancing natural supplement of China
    • Supports youthful, clear, firm, moist, resilient, soft, healthy skin
    • Supports healthy aging
    • Shen tonic supreme
    • Excellent source of highly assimilable calcium
    • Rich in glycine, a kind of collagen fiber than can act as an internal “skin moisturizer”
    • Contains dozens of trace minerals
    • Contains conchiolin, the secret constituent of Pearl, that has numerous positive functions – conchiolin is what makes Pearl shine, and your skin and eyes radiant
    • Supports DNA and RNA metabolic activities
    • Supports cell renewal
    • Can promote the activities of SOD, the important natural antioxidant enzyme
    • Rich in amino acids and co-factors
    • Can prevent the formation of freckles and dark patches on the skin caused by excessive melanin during aging
    • No known side effects
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  7. Pearl Shen Elixir in Retort Pouch
    • Ultimate Shen tonic formulation
    • Beautifies the skin and calms the mind
    • Strong ability to help transform fear and anxiety into peace and tranquility
    • Relaxing, soothing, and uplifting to the spirit
    • Great for heartbreak, anxiety and worry
    • Very good at cooling one down and allaying frustration and anger
    • Contains micro-powdered Pearl, the most highly absorbable form of Pearl
    • Excellent source of calcium and can help strengthen the bones
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  8. Pearl Powder -- 50 g
    • Fine powder promotes healthy skin and eyesight
    • Nurtures muscle development and blood circulation
    • Supports and calms Shen
    • While also available in capsule form, powder is great for smoothies and blender blasts
    • Fine powder allows easy absorption by digestive tract or by skin
    • Produced by grinding clean freshwater Pearls into powder particles just nanometers in diameter
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