Dragon Herbs Capsules A-Z

  1. Ten Complete Supertonic
  2. The Great Regulator - Minor Bupleurum
    The Great Regulator - Minor Bupleurum
    • Regulates Qi
    • One of the top classical formulas of all time
    • This is a potentized version of Minor Bupleurum Combination with 30% Baicalin, the active constituent of Scutellaria (based on modern Japanese protocol)
    • Potent immune modulating (balancing) capacity
    • Liver tonic
    • Suitable for most people during the first year of using tonic herbs for healthy aging
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  3. The Great Stabilizer - Bupleurum & Dragon Bone
  4. TomKat
  5. Tribulus
    • One of the world's great power herbs
    • Increases free testosterone without side effects
    • Promotes muscle growth
    • This is genuine premium grade Bulgarian Tribulus
    • Made with above-ground components only, no fruit, no roots, minimal stems
    • Very rich saponin content
    • Beneficial for both men and women
    • Legal for athletes
    • Suitable for long term use
    • Extracted by cutting edge methodology for maximum potency
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  6. Unlock
  7. Virugomax
  8. Wild Siberian Chaga
  9. Will Strengthener
  10. Woman's Balance - Bupleurum & Dang Gui
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