Dragon Herbs Capsules A-Z

  1. Pearl Powder
    Pearl Powder
    • The premiere beauty enhancing natural supplement of China
    • Supports youthful, clear, firm, moist, resilient, soft, healthy skin
    • Supports healthy aging
    • Superb Shen tonic
    • Excellent source of highly assimilable calcium
    • Rich in glycine, a kind of collagen fiber than can act as an internal “skin moisturizer”
    • Contains dozens of trace minerals
    • Contains conchiolin, the secret constituent of Pearl, that has numerous positive functions – conchiolin is what makes Pearl shine, and your skin and eyes radiant
    • Supports DNA and RNA metabolic activities
    • Supports cell renewal
    • Can promote the activities of SOD, the important natural antioxidant enzyme
    • Rich in amino acids and co-factors
    • Can prevent the formation of freckles and dark patches on the skin caused by excessive melanin during aging
    • No known side effects
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  2. Pearl Shen
    Pearl Shen
    • Ultimate grade Shen tonic formulation
    • Helps to develop a peaceful attitude
    • Supports mental strength and clarity
    • Based on ancient Taoist principles
    • Made with awesome premium quality herbs
    • Duanwood Reishi, Amber Powder, Pearl Powder, Spirit Poria, Albizia flower and other premium herbs
    • Superb for those who seek spiritual well-being
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  3. Perilla Clear
  4. Poria Five Combination
  5. Primal Yin Replenisher
  6. Profound Essence
    Profound Essence
    • A very powerful primal Jing tonic formulation
    • Deeply restorative
    • Replenishes both Yin Jing and Yang Jing
    • Supports recovery from stress and overwork
    • Builds Qi
    • Balances Yin and Yang throughout the body
    • Strengthens skeleton
    • Supports brain health
    • Calming
    • Excellent foundational tonic for practitioners of Taoist and Indian Yoga
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  7. Protector 2000
  8. PureTrans Resveratrol
    PureTrans Resveratrol
    • Our Resveratrol is over 98% pure trans-Resveratrol (not cut 50% like most brands)
    • 100 mg pure trans-Resveratrol per capsule
    • In a base of Muscadine grape skin, which is a source of multiple grape antioxidants including resveratrol, quercetin, kaempherol and more than a dozen other major antioxidants
    • Supports sirtuin activity, and thus supports healthy longevity
    • Ultimate cellular tonification
    • An acknowledge calorie restriction mimetic
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  9. QuintessenceNR TM
    QuintessenceNR TM
    • Supports NAD+ production and functions.*
    • Supports healthy-state sirtuin functions.*
    • Supports healthy-state mitochondrial functions.*
    • Supports healthy-state brain and cognitive functions.*
    • Supports healthy-state kidney functions.*
    • Supports healthy-state lung functions.*
    • Contains Schizandra chinensis fruit-seed, also known as the “quintessence of tonic herbs” because it is classically said to enter all “12 Organ Meridians,” it supports all “5 Elemental Energies,” tonifies all “3 Treasures” and acts as an adaptogen.*

    *Definition of “healthy-state”: The accepted functional status of a defined physiological function, thus supporting a capacity to maintain homeostasis within a healthy range. This is the state that is “normal” in a healthy individual, and is therefore the opposite a disease or sub-health state.

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  10. Rehmannia Six Combination
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